Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warehouse 13 #1

People probably think the only books to come out right now are DC's New 52.  It is genius in a marketing sense to have the dominating releases of an entire month.  it has opened up a few possibilities for me.  I have paid for the month in advance and I can try out a few books because I have the cash to check them out.  One of those books is Warehouse 13.

I almost missed the fact that this book was coming out.  I think I saw it online somewhere in a mention of new releases that people do.  I asked for it to be placed on the old pull list and had it there when I had the big stack of DCnU.  I love the show.  I have to watch it on Hulu.com because we do not have cable or satellite.  Getting a comic was just a nice surprise.

Sadly, this is not a comic with any wow factor.  If you want a story like the show, then you will be happy.  There is a good use of the medium by having and artifact that can earthquake an entire city out of existence.  It is an international tale that is worthy of the original format.  Plus Pete talks Myka into a teeny tiny Carnivale costume.  To be fair, he runs around with his shirt off and Myka looks like Myka still, no breast enlargement for the sake of sales.  Really the scenes with her in them dressed like this are muted.  She was being encouraged to sidle up to the suspect and try to get his attention with her feminine wiles.  Could have been played for some humor, but that missed that chance.

I am not giving up, but with the cost of comicbooks, they had better get a bit better than just good real fast.  It is a good story and a understated first issue.