Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Swamp Thing #1

            My Swamp Thing knowledge comes from the campy movies.  I never read all these classic tales that I hear about, but I kind of understand what the character has been.  This is not a book I will really follow beyond this issue.  It is not my type of comicbook.  What I do know is that this is a tight and well written story.  We get a good start for the new path of Swamp Thing and Alec Holland.

            Having Superman seek him out was really interesting.  It made sense and it gave us a glimpse of where Alec Holland is mentally.  This is a man that was never Swamp Thing, he was resting in peace and suddenly he is alive again and he is burdened with the memories of this being that walked the Green.  It is a nice approach.  I am reminded of how they brought Buffy Summers back when Buff TVS moved to UPN.  At one point she exclaims that she has happy and at peace in a wonderful place of light and love.  This can be a powerful plot idea they have created for Alec Holland.

            Horror and Creepy Story fans should check Swamp Thing out.  It has the creep factor nailed as the twisted heads and disturbed bones of an archeological site show us.  Bad things are happening and soon Alec Holland will have to decide whether to accept his other side or be haunted by the screams of the Green.  We have another great last page from the #1's in this issue.  Folks that like this type of comic have a hook to ask them to buy issue #2.