Friday, November 19, 2010

The Green

Before I saw the resulting comments on the Internet I watched The Green Lantern Trailer on TV.  My gut reaction was one of anticipation.  The one hero that this overweight kid had always seen as the one accessible to them was there on the screen.  See the thing about the Green Lanterns has always been for me the fact that anyone of any shape, size, color, and alien race can become a Lantern.  Now the once impossible special effects were coming to a movie theatre near me.  I was looking forward to the movie.

One the Internet it seems comicbook fans have decided that the trailer, "Looks good, but..."  Can we not just once be glad that we have the Green Lantern Movie and just wait until we tear it apart?  I could moan that the two times Blake Lively was on the trailer she sounded wooden and looked like she had no emotion.  Yet, there is the visual buffet of Killowog, Sinestro, and a host of other Lanterns.  The look of Oa was cool.  Here we have something that was thought forever out of reach in terms of being able to replicate the powers and we already are griping.  Jonah Hex stunk.  I can say that after watching it.  I reserve judgment to say that if Green Lantern stinks.  Until then I am just going to enjoy the fact that a favorite group of characters will see widespread exposure.