Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: The Spectacular Spider-Man #196

"The Death of Vermin"

Some background is due on this book.  A man we know has what could best be called an old home place.  The house id now used to store feed and farm items.  The family was cleaning out the place a bit and the man gave me a few comics from the place.  They were in really good condition considering that mice or other stuff could have attacked the books.  This one was part of re-reading those books this week.

Now Vermin is best described as a Rat version of DC's Man-Bat in my opinion.  Different origins, but similar mindsets are shared.  Vermin is a character I read in a few Spidey titles around this period.  Spectacular was not one I collected from the shop so I was not familiar with this story.  The characters I was acquainted with however.  Dr. Kafka is one that would play a role in helping Spidey as he had dealings with disturbed patients.  Here is the seed for her institute that I would read about in AMAZING.  Baron Zemo is the big bad.  He has made people become these hideous experiments, Vermin being one.

Vermin at times is mindless and at other times almost aware.  That is the case here.  We get a great look at Zemo's insanity and need to understand humanity and heroes.  He even takes Spidey's mask and wears it near the end.  The ultimate victory and the "death" are well devised.  It really is a strong finish to what might be a great three part story.  I will probably keep an eye out for issues #194 & #195.

All in all a great read.  Not sure what the status is in the current Marvel U. for Vermin, because I do not purchase any new titles from Marvel.  Vermin might be leading the Avengers the way they have been going recently.  That is why Flashback Fridays are important.  I hope to lead you to a better day of Marvel, where heroes were not so disregarded in their characterization.


Been Busy

OK, I figured I would lose a few days around the Easter holiday, but wow did I get busy.  I was substituting at a out of school program during the school's break and that took up the day.  Then I became the full month sub as a person went to another job.  Just been busy and tired.  I have some things read.  I hope to get a Flashback Friday up tonight.  

I am looking forward to free comic book day next week.  I really want to get a regular schedule again.