Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Hallow's Eve


I found this somewhere a few years ago in a long box.  Since I was born on October 30th, Halloween is a favorite holiday for me.  I grabbed this special format comic and have loved the tale.  It is similar in style to the old Classics Illustrated books that would turn novels into graphic novels.  This one is about a young boy and girl learning about the lore of their Irish home.

There are ghoulish goblins and ghost of monks and uncles.  Each help weave the tale of the Jack O' Lantern.  It becomes the force for good that locks away an ancient evil that was neither fully dead nor fully alive.  Farmer O' Hain was an evil and greedy man.  When his goblins discover that the pumpkin seeds of the forest mice become gold when toasted, he wants that gold.  The mice folk stay hidden for a while.  As always two youngsters think it all nonsense and end up captured and feared lost.  

A rat named Phillo is the hero of the tale as he has explored the Abbey that O' Hain now haunts and controls.  He hears of the feared Jack whispered and knows that this is what the goblins and O' Hain are scared of most of all.  Sadly, Phillo will meet tragedy as he attempts to save a young girl mouse.  His plan though spawns the defeat of evil and a way to lock it away when the veil between world's is at its weakest.

This is a gorgeous and wonderful read.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mantra Monday: Mantra #19


That explanation by Lukasz in the opening page of issue #19 is all you need to understand what is happening.  I did not give away the identity of Necromantra as the attacker from last issue because it was too god of a surprise.  It also leads into a weird territory about just how Thanasi escaped death on the Godwheel.  Seems the coward fled to the next egg in Eden's womb to hide figuring that her and Lukasz would find a way to survive.  The he just waited for nature to happen and then accelerated the process.  Born a she now without the ability to body hop any more.

I have thought about Marinna a bit over the years of reading this story.  I have come to the conclusion that this really was Thanasi born and not the guy pushing the unborn soul out.  It makes sense when you read this issue as Necromantra takes Eden and little Evie hostage to drain their magic.  The child born from Eden and Lukasz already would have a genetic magical makeup.

Big battle in this issue.  It is sad in so many ways.  The resolution between two friends now turned father and daughter is rough enough, but this fight will see one hero sacrifice to ensure that there is a Mantra.  Pinnacle provides a good counter balance and asks the question at the end that makes one want to cry.  Another cliffhanger and I will not spoil it.

I do not have the next couple of issues.  So not sure what next Monday will bring.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Again

This Friday I am posting, just not any Flashbacks.  I have been sickly with seasonal allergies attacking and trying to become a major cold event.  One positive of part-time employment is when sick you can just rest and let your body get well.  I am a bit down as well.  This time next week I will be two days past turning 41 years old.  When you look at the whole of your life you can see things positive that you have done, but looking at the future you see a bleak and lonely landscape.

The pic I have posted here is of a favorite childhood duo.  I am glad the artist name is visible because I just saw it and saved it to enjoy later.  I wish someone would do a Dynomut and Blue Falcon comic like the Space Ghost origin.  That would be cool.

I do have a Halloween comic to post next week.  It is something I pulled during a ten cent sale at my LCS.  It tells of mice and the reason for the Jack O Lantern.  It is spooky and magical and the art is creepy.  I found it a bit ago and hope to have it up late Wednesday or timed to post on Halloween.

Halloween will be sad this year.  For the first time in a long time I am looking at not being a part of a Trunk or Treat.  I am down about a lot of things and this is one of them.  So much change has happened so fast in terms of work and I just have lost a bit of my mojo.  I see and feel like I am not able to be creative and stuff and I just don't want to be frustrated.  Times when it gets like this I always had my kids to interact with and those opportunities have dwindled and it leaves me empty inside.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Mantra Monday: Mantra #18

This is the all romance edition of Mantra.  Looking at the cover I bet you readers can guess what romance leads to in the end.  We begin with Lukasz and Eden's triumphant return from the Godwheel Mini Series.  They appear in the middle of the lab owned by J. D. Hunt and are surrounded by Aladdin Troopers.  It is a lopsided escape as Eden is still spastic with her magic abilities.  In fact that bugs me a bit.  They kind of make her an airhead.  They escape and are now aware it is New Year's Eve and they get some clothes and a hotel room.  After dancing the night away the two fall into each others arms and fade to black.  Let your imagination guess what they did.

When they wake up they get a shock.  Eden is suddenly very pregnant.  They are frantic and shocked and happy.  Still, they need help.  Luckily Pinnacle (Penny) from last issue survived her death at the hands of Necro Mantra.  She now has her own lab and freedom.  Of course she helps them out and we soon get a strange delivery.  After the little girl is born and named Marinna after Lukasz's long dead wife all seems well.

The problem is that this is a magical pregnancy that went to term in a matter of days.  I am not going to spoil the surprise until the next post.  Let me just say that the old foe is not so dead and gone as we thought.  Big fight coming.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Earth 2 #16

 It has been a rough few weeks for me health-wise and that has curtailed my posting.  I was doing so well for a bit there too.  I did want to give you something to read and decided it was time again to sing the praises of Earth-2.  This to me is one of the bright gems of the DCnU or The New 52.  It has taken old characters with massive histories and retooled them for today.  They feel familiar while also new.  It has been an interesting and fun read so far.

James Robinson finishes his run as of this issue.  Maybe he left because of editorial messing, maybe he just finished his part of the story.  I don't read the gossip sites or news sites anymore, so I don't know and don't care really.  I do care that he has crafted the foundation for a book I hope to enjoy for a long time to come.

Nicola Scott has been a fantastic artist on this title.  She has rocked the look and feel of this alternate Earth and it has been absolutely terrific seeing her diverse ability shine.  I first saw her work on the old Birds Of Prey.  She was good there on that title, but with Earth-2 she was able to bring more to the table.  She as much as Robinson shaped the Earth-2 foundation.  She was called upon to draw romance, war, espionage, magic, apocalyptic destruction, and natural landscapes.  She has proven herself to be one of the best artist working at DC Comics.

We get a big shocker in this issue.  The big bad is victorious, but also killed very violently to give us a new ruler.  The reveal I think will be a fake.  I have an idea on who this really might be, but to even make my guess ruins the shock ending.  I have placed the death of Steppenwolf here.  There is much in this defeat of the One World Army.  

Green Lantern may be dead as well.  I doubt it, but he took a beating to end all beatings.  The wonders all came together and pulled survivors out.  We still have two side stories going.  They don't get time this issue.  There is Hawkgirl and the new Batman on a search and the Barda and Mr. Miracle quest.  Each is just as high octane as this issue.  I am eager to see what the new writer does with the foundation that has been laid.  I also hope Nicola Scott remains on the book.