Sunday, October 2, 2016

DC Universe Rebirth: Aquaman #1 - #6

 I have come to realize that I like Aquaman.  I think much has been done to malign this character over the years.  It is strange because so very talented people have written some outstanding stories over the many years of his existence.  Recently I have seen a more cohesive stance taken on this character and his place in the DC Universe.  I liked it and have been following for a few years now.  The way we see Aquaman as a joke is used here to great effect in a confrontation with Superman.

With the restart of some stories in this Rebirth era it was nice to see some threads remain as Aquaman moved forward.  If you recall, Wally saw Arthur and Mera as a positive in a bleak world he was trying to return to and set right.  Mera remains a strong female character and in the first six issues shows her commitment to Arthur, but also that she will bust walls and heads to ensure the safety of the one she loves.  Her balance as a warrior queen and a surface "wife" works well for comedic tension.

The idea of an embassy on the surface was a carry over and was used in terrific manner as a means to set Aquaman up.  Black Manta attacks and the death toll rises.  This prompts the US Government to go all paranoid on Aquaman and Atlanteans.  The Patriot Act is used and Aquaman surrenders himself after being treated unfairly as a Dignitary on US soil.  This sets up a fantastic rescue by Mera and a run to the sea where the Army attacks and Aquaman tries not to kill anyone.

There are two great punches in Issue Six.  One is Aquaman laying Superman out.  It shows that he is one the power level of Superman and Wonder Woman.  We seem to forget that sometimes.  He is one powerful meta.  It also allows for him to explain to Clark how he is seen as a joke in the Justice League.  It is a slight that has been endured by this King.  There are many looks at how he commands respect from his people and he shows just how powerful he is as a King.

I mentioned two punches.  Mera knocks the Man of Steel for a loop as well.  It is a cool scene for a favorite character of mine.  It also serves as a reminder of the power in this character and the power that the two combined have.  The response by a military observer is priceless.

Want awesome story and cool adventure, then read Aquaman.  It has mystery and political intrigue as well.  Black Manta does something shocking in the end of the book as well.  It will be a problem waiting for Aquaman I am sure.