Friday, April 1, 2011

IDW buys the rights to Malibu Comics characters from Marvel

This is so cool.  I read this morning that IDW has finalized a deal that will transfer the rights to the entire library of Malibu Comics from Marvel to IDW.  it seems that the deal will bring Marvel $7,000,000 in cash that they will use to help bolster the publishing of the Marvel brand.  What is really cool will be having the return of Malibu Comics characters.

Word is sketchy as to which characters will get a title first, but I am betting PRIME will be one of the first out of the gate.  I will be glad if there is a new Mantra title, it will add issues to my Mantra Mondays.  Kelley Yates has been mentioned as a possible creator that will be attached to the return of Malibu's rich universe to comicdom.  Whether IDW will be able to revive this interesting group of characters is yet to be seen.  So look for the first of the IDW Malibu comics early next year.