Friday, August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday: Elektra Volume:2 EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN

Getting back into the schedule I have picked a book that I grabbed to read this week.  Most of my trades are out in the new storage building.  This one missed the traveling.  I picked it up for less than five bucks if I remember correctly, at HeroesCon.  The reason was Elektra as a character and Greg Rucka as a writer.  I did not pick up this as a series.  It was just not what I had money for, but less than five bucks it made the buying cut.

The story is awesome.  Elektra was at the point in her life that she was sick of being violent.  It is a story of her coming to terms with the death that she has dealt over the years.  It is an enjoyable journey of a character that has had these stories written ad naseum.  Greg Rucka shows how he is at another level of writing here with these pages presented.

The only complaint is how the art shifts in the middle and then back to the type of art when we started reading.  I must say that in this formula of writing for the Trade it should be made a fast rule that art should be consistently similar throughout the story that we are given.  Here we have a very grounded and realistic form of art that for what seems to be about two issues becomes an exaggerated cartoonish style.  I thought it was ugly in comparison with the rest of the artwork.  It takes the reader out of the fantasy a bit.

It is a good trade that one should buy if they find it discounted like I did.  It is well worth it for the good story.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Sad News

Joe Kubert has passed away.  I don't even feel like writing how pitiful I am for not getting back on schedule.  Here is the link for the NY Times Obit;


Friday, August 3, 2012

I am behind a bit

I knew last week would be a bust as I was at Camp with the kids.  My hope was to get back on my Monday and Friday schedule at least, but I did not.  I feel and have felt really bad this week.  It is the diabetes and not having insulin right now I know.  I really hope to get back on track with this part of my hobby.  Just not had the energy right now.  I am also on a long wait between buying books.  I am enjoying some of my DC books greatly.  Some are in an I hope they improve.  Sadly, Birds of Prey are on that last list.  It has been a disappointing run so far.  I wish they would get the book back to the level it was before the restart.  I think I am gonna go to bed now.  My body just feels tired.