Friday, September 12, 2014

Flashback Friday: Velocity #1 (1995)

Yes, I am getting a Flashback Friday posted.  I am in a very blah mood, but just needed to do something to break this feeling of tiredness I have battled all week.  I received the 25 pounds of comics this week and was a bit disappointed in one way.  I really question that the kid friendly and teen friendly tags they used and the guarantee of majority Marvel and DC was met.  I mean I had an issue of Violator #1 in the kid friendly pack.  Anyway a problem I figured did happen.  I had a few issues I wanted to pull out and keep for me.  Velocity #1 is such an issue.

I have no real connection with the character.  I know enough to tell a person on the street that she is a speedster and on a team called Cyber-Force.  That pretty much is my know ledge of her.  I have always liked the character design for her.  The colors work for me.  I like the red hair.  She of all the Image characters from that period seems to be someone I would like.  Otherwise I have little in terms of collecting to do with Cyber-Force.

In this opening book of her 1995 series we get a glimpse of her as a team player.  Things stand out real quick about her.  Carin is a very sympathetic woman.  She cares and that can be enough to sense a reason she is using her abilities for good.  She wants to help.  It becomes real clear that she feels less than able to help.  From her own thoughts we see her as the weakest of her team.  She has doubts and fears.  We are shown a memory image of her sister Ballistic, whom Image readers would know, but I don't.  Carin tells in her narration that her sister is the tough and courageous one.

Now the plot.  A serial killer of super humans.  Through the turns and twists of the story he separates Carin and we get a look at his powers.  They are impressive.  He has Velocity's genetic marker and plans to hunt her.  We know that this is now a cat and mouse hunt where she will have to become the hero she doubts she is to survive.  It really is a good start to a story.  Not knowing about this world I still can become invested in seeing the adventure take place.  I get enough info to pull for Carin and want to see her prevail.  Maybe one day I will find the rest of the story and know how it ends.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Reading more than Writing

I just wanted to write a bit about why I have lost steam again.  I was doing great there once upon a time with at least having a Monday and a Friday post.  It worked as I cannot do up to date current reviews.  I just recently have been battling energy problems.  When I have burst of energy I tend to focus on work and life stuff that is not posting.  I have been reading my back issues of things.  I am not able to get to the shop as much and when I do I have so many books I just don't get any posts done.

I will be drifting away a bit soon as I put a hold on Terry Goodkind's new novel Severed Souls.  I hear he will be killing a main character of this fantasy world.  My fear is that it will be Cara who is my favorite.  Still, once I get into that novel, free time is devoted to that story.  It should just be a few days before the book come in to the local branch of the library system.

I only bought one comic at Hillsville.  I will be missing the Hickory Con to help lead a church event.  Works out OK as I have little money to spend on comics right now.  What I had saved for Trunk Or Treat has been spent.  Instead of handing out candy I will have comics to give.  I ordered 25 pounds of comics.  I hope my estimates of around how many books that will be is correct.  I will have a Comic Shop theme, but I don't think I will do Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.  He is just too much of a jerk.

As I said, low energy.  I am going to take my insulin and go to bed now.  Probably be up at 4:15 AM.  Not sure why, but that is a time I seem to wake up around.  I have the carbonated water ready and will take a few swigs and slip the Sleep Ap Mask back on.

Take Care all.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Its Friday

Getting ready for bed as I am rising early in the morning to go to Hillsville, Va. for the big Flea Market.  I did want to post though and decided this print from Wilkes Library Con was the perfect Friday offering.  I think it was called Phoenix Fairy if memory serves.  

I have made a decision on the books to cut from my pull box.  I am having to really tighten up the budget.  I feel that one it is time to let go of and I will right more about that book later.  I do hope to find a few good deals tomorrow.  It will be Comicbook Rescue Project time.  I will have little cash though to maneuver with during the day.  I still have fun looking around at all the cool stuff.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Monday, August 25, 2014


Fairy Tail is the reason I am not keeping up with my comics blogging.  Well, maybe not, but it is the excuse I will go with.  While sick and under the dizzying effects of the meds I watched a BUNCH of Netflix.  I am almost finished with EUREKA and did finish MAKO MERMAIDS.  I also discovered FAIRY TAIL.  I was scrolling along the new stuff added to my suggestions list and saw Fairy Tail multiple times and got to thinking.  I remembered running into a Fairy Tail group when browsing CosPlay sites.  It seems I had found something that connected with my interest in dressing up as characters of things.  So I watched the first episode and was hooked.

I fell in love with Lucy and instantly loved Happy.  Natsu was funny and dramatic.  He really fits the anime hero style well.  Soon Grey entered the picture and I met the one most people seemed to be imitating, Erza.  It soon became my obsession.  I had to watch at least until the multiple stories ended.  I would break a bit and dive in again.

This is just one of those great series that has such a wonderful message of hope and family.  Family being what you make when you share common ground with others.  The importance of sticking together and being honorable shines strong.  There is cool magic and adventure as we watch people struggle just to make it in their world.  So many misfits and they found a home in the Fairy Tail Guild.  When attacked they stand together even if it means they might die.  This is just the best animated series I have seen in a very long while.

So that is what I have been doing.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Flashback Friday: Danger Girl Trinity (All four Issues)

I really should have had this done earlier in the week, but the antibiotics and cough pill have really made me tired and dizzy.  Still, I did pull out my guilty little pleasure of comicbook collecting and reading.  I didn't fall for the Danger Girls when they first appeared.  I saw the cheesecake covers (and yes I do own a copy of the famous Abbey Chase Bubble Bath cover) and was not a purchaser of comics for art.  I was in my early days of returning to comics as well.  I didn't delve into the Image waters much.  It would be many years later that I would find some Danger Girl comics in collected and single forms for a steal and buy them.  I liked those early issues well enough.

What has really captured my imagination has been the last ten years or so of Danger Girl.  It has comeback in limited series forms many times and I like that.  I have bought a few and really have enjoyed how the characters have grown since those early cheesecake days.  TRINITY was the last one I purchased and IDW now has the franchise.  The downside of which is the cost of a single issue, $3.99.  Still, I was doing better back when this came out and picked each issue up off the shelf.  I have put the covers I own in the posts.  If you know anything about Danger Girl, it is that there are always multiple covers.

For those that do not know about Danger Girl, it is a great spy/action/adventure comic.  It all started with the recruitment of Abbey Chase, Archaeologist and Relic Hunter.  She gets brought into the Spy group Know as Danger Girl.  There are sisters Sydney and Sonya Savage as well as Deuce and Valerie.  Deuce is a former British Intelligent Agent and the surly leader of the team.  Valerie is the teenage tech whiz that aspires to be like Abbey.  It is Abbey, Sydney, and Sonya that are the three main femme fatales.  Each gets there own cover this series.

That is good since it reads as a three part action tale that will converge in issue #4.  Abbey is abducted very politely by a desert king and taken for some unknown reason.  She always is falling into trouble like this and it leads to her Indiana Jones like saving of the day.  It was Sydney that got some of the sex appeal action and funny relationship stuff as she is called to save Abbey while with a nice guy.  He ends up in some strange situations because of her.  Oh, there is also a group of assassins that are after her.  That leaves Sonya as she is retrieving a bounty and anther group of killers have it out for her.  The guy she has captured ends up as her buddy during many high octane escapes.
All this leads to Abbey figuring out who is the baddies and who needs help.  Her Danger Girl pals arrive and everything gets explosive.  This is a group of characters that are used as typical sexy women in comic art ways, but stories like this feel more rendered as it has some well done writing to accompany all the great art.  People will buy Danger Girl stories for different reasons.  So far, I have enjoyed the recent adventures.  I would urge you to not just judge these gals by there covers, but try out the stories.  You might be surprised at how independent and strong these female characters have become.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Ramblings

No Flashback Friday this week.  I have been suffering a very bad cough and just felt lousy.  I will ramble a bit tonight.  I have put up a scan of a print I bought at HeroesCon for your enjoyment.  I love the way it has the B & W vs the color version displayed.  Not sure how long Netflix will take to get the new Doc up on the watch list, but for now I am happy to be able to watch again.

Anyway.  I am feeling a bit mixed about my comics right now.  I still love them and have this collector's need to collect, but I also have an ever dwindling inflow of cash.  Being in the hospital increased my debt.  I now have three different bills that I am juggling.  because one is over 3,000 I can't realistically combine them.  What was really screwy was because I am living with my Dad they were all interested in his draw from Social Security instead of my take home pay.  Not really liking the "new" corporate local hospital.  Other things seem to be increasing, except the money I make.  So I feel a need to cut the titles I am reading.  A few seem simple.  I mean X-O Manowar is expensive and having crossover stuff, so it will be cut.  DC may make it easy to cut if they are increasing certain titles by $1.  One might be something I really like, but I am not liking this increase.

I am peeved by my inability to force myself to write.  I was going to begin just getting ideas out of my head.  The very least thing was to utilize the Blog and have post written even if they were to be scheduled and posted later.  The lack of a Monday post has shown that that goal is not being met.  So I am twisting right now.  I did scratch enough to go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Marvel did I good job with the characters.  It really was a top-notch movie.

Well, I feel like trying to get some rest in a bit.  Take care geekazoids and nerdlings.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Flashback Friday: Captain Midnight On The Run Volume 1 (TPB)

One great thing about going to a Convention is that you should be able to get trades for bargain prices.  I love the $5 trades at HeroesCon.  That is what this week's Flashback Friday is and I am so glad.  Captain Midnight is a book I would be reading if I could afford the $3.50 price that Dark Horse has on their books.  They have many titles I would love to read, I just can't afford to do it.  So for me, finding Captain Midnight in a $5 trade book was outstanding.

It has the Free Comic Book Day Captain Midnight #0 and collects #1 - #3 of the ongoing series.  It really is a great introduction for the character and series.  It also plays into the Black Sky mystery that Dark Horse has running through many of their titles.  Here we get a time lost hero returning to find a brave new world, just not the one he envisioned.  He expected flying cars and rocket packs.  

Jim Albright might be from the World War II era, but he has the smarts and moves to outmaneuver the tech of 2013.  He will need it as the daughter of the man he let die is out for revenge.  She was lost in time as well.  She just reappeared in the 1980's.  Fury Shark is her name and she has been a busy little Nazi.  We get action and adventure in an old school feel as Captain Midnight picks up the fight for Justice.

The book is filled with great humor as you read along and see both an old style of story being presented and a modern conspiracy tale.  This would be a great movie franchise.  It reminds me of the Indiana Jones movies or what I wish The Rocketeer had become.  Search out and find the Captain Midnight books.  It is well worth your time.