Friday, April 24, 2015

Yesterday, A break

I will most likely not get a Flashback Friday up tonight.  We are getting ready to have a Youth Fundraiser for Summer Camp, a Yard Sale.  The best thing was that I was able to at long last get back to Campbell University Divinity School.  It was a break I needed. 

My favorite and the Professor that helped me the most retired this week.  All semester they have had Alumni come to his final Worship and Spiritual Formations class.  In March they had 59 alumni there, it is a class of about 12.  I am glad there were just four of us.  It made the very last class a bit special. 

He is a unique person that models and is a great example of what a Christian should be.  I wish there were a way I could have every church member I ever serve grasp the lessons he taught me.  It was just a nice visit that lead to another side trip.

I stopped to see my cousin that lives near Burlington and spend just a bit of time with her.  That was needed as well.  I needed these moments as the afterschool job and my health conditions have been wearing me down body and soul.

So now I just hope we can have a good Yard Sale and get much money to pay for summer camp.  Take care all.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Flashback Friday: 1 For 1 Ghost #1

I need to point out that this is the original cover for this comic.  The one I have is a special edition that was part of a $1 comic special where Dark Horse put beginning issues out to allow for new reader's to access them better.  The price I snagged this one for was 60 cents.  It confirmed what i already suspected, I would be enjoying this book if I were collecting it.

Ghost will be on my list as I look through collected editions at HeroesCon.  I will be getting Dark Horse that way for now.  They do seem to be producing some good books.  I just don't have the cash to commit $3.50 an issue to them.

The character has been around for some time now.  This rendering is the first time I have felt I understood and could follow her adventures.  The explanation on the inside cover page was helpful.  I am told how Elisa Cameron was an investigative reporter that uncovered a demonic conspiracy which lead to her banishment to a hellish dimension.  She comes back, sort of, as a supernatural being with fragmented memories.  She took down her original adversaries and now hunts down the demons that worked for the demonic mayor she beat.

Ryan Sook is well suited as artist on this book.  I know his work from the early days of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  He has a good balance of realistic people and scary good monsters.  I am glad that he has pulled back on the use of shadow here that was a trademark of his early Buffy TVS work.  Likewise, Kelly Sue DeConnick & Christopher Sebela have crafted a plausible backdrop for this woman caught between to realities.  The supporting cast come off as well rounded and all things make you want to know more.  It is a good book.

I will be looking to get the first two volumes of this current Ghost series.  It has sparked more interest.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Sorry -- No Energy

I really have not meant to be gone so long.  The second job and my health have eaten away my resolve to make my posts.  I have plenty of Ultraverse titles to do Malibu or Mantra Mondays, I just need to do them.  Even with the Blogger ability to write and have post at a later time I have fell hopelessly behind.  I even have Flashback Friday choices to my right as I type.  It is all a matter of just having no energy.  

What really is bad is my goal and hope of writing something everyday.  Whether a Blog post or a story Idea I have, it just has not happened.  I really feel like Linda Danvers in this pic here.  Beaten and just gone at times.  I have dreams of posting.  I just hope I can get back to it.


Monday, January 19, 2015

My Posting

Sorry I have been neglecting things.  I know people read because I see the stats and I hope those who are enjoy what I post and also maybe have some reference to the various back issues I write about.  I have just felt drained lately.  Not sure what it is, I will just blame the diabetes since it is a good scapegoat.  When I feel like this I have to prioritize and the Blog suffers.

I have had another encounter online that has upset me.  That is why I posted the picture I did.  I currently have this as my profile pic on Google + and I just like the pic.  The young woman that is Wonder Woman has been a fixture at HeroesCon over the years and I think she is an outstanding cosplayer.  I even wrote about this photo in my convention posts.  I had watched what I thought was a guy way older than me groping her when his buddy was taking a pic.  It made me hyper aware as this pic was taken as to where my hand went.  I was a bit upset at seeing that happen, but just was dumbfounded.

Anyway, what happened to make me sad was a comment I made on G+ to a posted video where a Pastor tells of punching a kid.  I work in the church with children and this was wrong to me.  I said so.  I was not preachy or anything, but thought I was a good balance for a Christian who thought this was as wrong as other commenters.  So dude wrote that my being a minister and having a pic with a busty babe made my comments invalid.  I realize he made no attempt to check my profile and see that I am a comic nerd or even question my opinion further as a Christian.  To me it was a slap a Christian and use judgmental opinions to make myself look big.

The bigger issue to those that scream about dialogue and freedom of expression is why do you not do as you say?  Why can a Christian not think it wrong to punch a kid as a way to convert them?  I watch this all the time.  I am sick of those that do not want to be stereotyped doing that to me.  I am sick of ultra conservative fundamentalists right wing Christians making me look like them.  They preach and judge and get all the attention.  I could spend hours detailing how my faith and beliefs differ from theirs.  Bottom line is that there will never be understanding in this world until trollz become silenced and reasonable people sit down and talk.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Been a rough end to the new year.  I have had a BAD head cold and my Dad has pneumonia.  I have made it to work and been OK watching the Kids, but am dragging today.  I did watch some Netflix while sick.

I finished Season 2 of Arrow.  Wow, what a second season.  It got even better.  I am glad that it and Flash are so strong.  Maybe the CW can become the DC goto station.  I am watching Farscape again and for the first time in its entirety.  I really liked that show.  It was never fully appreciated.

I want to catch up and do more writing this new year.  Here's Hoping!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Flashback Friday: The Incredible Hulk #250

I had been reading issues I picked up over the summer as I awaited the cash flow problems to subside and allow for new comics to read.  It brought this old gem back into my hands.  It is a strange combination when the Silver Surfer is paired with any Marvel Hero that is Earth-bound, but especially the Hulk.

This is a time when the Silver Surfer is trapped on Earth.  An invisible cosmic barrier prevents him from leaving.  It is the punishment he received from Galactus for siding against him when the Earth was on the menu.  It also provides the plot for this issue.  The Surfer seeks to add the gamma power of the Hulk to his own power cosmic to escape and soar the spaceways once more.

Bruce Banner has found peace though.  His own heroic actions placed him with a loving woman and her daughter.  Over time he has fallen in love and the Hulk has been away.  All that is at risk if he helps the Surfer, or is it?  It seems that the Surfer is able to cure Bruce and for that he is willing to gamma power the Silver Surfer.

All is set up for tradgedy.  How could it not when you have two of the most tragic characters in the Marvel Universe?  The twists and turns that occur is what makes this an excellent story.  You feel for both men as decisions are made and life is returned to a status quo neither of them wanted.  This is a great issue of The Incredible Hulk.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Flashback Friday: Avengers #333

I am trying to get back on track and not let my Blog fall away as I am working two jobs now.  I have been grabbing random books that are in stacks that are not sorted to read as I have a minute.  I read this old Avengers story from their first volume.  It was back when history mattered and the Avengers were not the money making machine they are in today's movie climate.  It has two unlikely Avengers in this story as well.

The set up from last issue is that the Avengers new high tech headquarters has been finished and they no longer are banned from Manhattan.  They throw a huge party that has dignitaries and the vast collection of Marvel heroes in attendance.  It is a cool bunch of panels as you see different heroes rendered for the story.  Of course this impregnable fortress is penetrated by Doctor Doom and a couple of Doombots.

Dr. Doom wishes to be given the secret of trans-dimensional travel.  He has secured a device that will release neutrons for miles around and kill all organic life if the Avengers do not share this secret that he witnessed as they battled some recent foes.  He tells them that two of the Dooms they see are Doombots, but do they risk attacking and setting the bomb off?

Sandman and Vision are trapped on a different level from the party as is Captain America in a training area.  They decide to face off against their Dooms after some logical deduction.  Seeing Sandman fight Doom is awesome.  The real hero is the secret teen Rage.  The story starts having Doom shock him.  The funny thing is that Rage figures some important things out and they are all because of cupcakes his Granny brought to the party.

This is one of the fun stories that has so much cool from the Marvel Universe.  It is also a great find for any that might collect comics that Doc Doom appears in.  One of my favorites from this era in Avengers History.