Saturday, October 6, 2018


 I have waited it seems like forever for this comicbook. I saw it at Jen Bartel's table at HeroesCon two years ago I think it was, followed her on twitter and have just waited. Honestly I knew little about it. I knew magic was involved and that it was gorgeous. The Dragon entity that was showing peaked my interest even more. The pin was at my LCS and I bought it. It seemed like torture waiting for Blackbird to show up on order forms so I could add it to my pull list. Then at last the day came where I had it in my hands.

This is my type of story. It is slow and like life. Things occur and as you go a picture is developed that becomes a whole. Nina is a special person. It is apparent from the start. She has something inside. The problem comes from her lack of access to true magic. It is hidden. She saw and remembered even as all others were whispered to forget. It affects the life she leads. Her sister is at her wits end with her. Nina is seen as lazy, without focus, going nowhere. Others even see her as an abuser of drugs. This might even be what is happening. Maybe she is lost in a drug induced haze.

Sam Humphries and Jen Bartel have created a Los Angeles that looks and feels real. The book is gorgeous. Fiona Staples provided a beautiful variant cover. This is just a strong book. This is what comics should be. A story that is told with words and art. Others listed in cover credits are as follows; Paul Reinwand, Nayoung Wilson, Jodi Wynne, Dylan Todd, Jim Gibbons. I use to give all the credits in my reviews when I did that for sites I gave my time.  It is important to give all the info you can nowadays.

This is a book worth your time and money. Pick it up. Read it. Enjoy it.


Monday, June 25, 2018

HeroesCon Photos

 Here are my photos From Heroes Convention 2018. It is held in Charlotte, NC every year. One of the best in the country. If you want to be able to spend time talking with creators this is the Con to do so. Plenty of artist. Plenty of comics. Plenty of fun.