Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Unexpected Sketch


Getting sketches has become part of my Heroes Convention budget. I started some years back with a black sketch book that has a variety of characters & images. Most are from HeroesCon, but there are a few others. I had a Batwoman Sketch cover done and a really cool Jessica Cruz in the book. I really thought that was it for this year, budget was met.

I had seen the late addition of Adam Warren. One of my guilty pleasure comics is his Empowered series. I love that a creepy commission request turned into a very cool super hero book that shines light of insecurities and how you can overcome bullies and haters. I had kept my eyes scanning to see his table. Well, because he was a late invite he was stationed at the Hero Initiative table. He had a great deal. For $20 you got the 9th Empowered book, his signature, & a sketch.

It turned out I was not done with sketches after all. I got to talk with him a bit, which is one thing HeroesCon is awesome about. I was able to let him know my favorite character interactions and how they just made me laugh. I guess most people got an Emp Sketch. Me, I had to have my girl Ninjette. She is the booty shorts New Jersey Ninja Clan Princess. I love her character and how she is a great example of a true friend.

This made for a great moment for me this year.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Every Year after HeroesCon I think I will Blog more......

 It is that time of year again. I went to #HeroesCon2018 and took my pics. I didn't do the usual Photo dump each evening like normal. Why? Tiredness and wanting to change the dynamic a bit I guess. You see I really do want to get back to Blogging on a regular basis. I have let depression & my roller coaster health distract me enough. There has been a great deal of change this year in my life. So positive and some in an odd category.

About two weeks before Heroes Convention I was in the hospital with diverticulitis. I know I probably misspelled it, but just not gonna do the work yet to change it. I am still learning how my chromebook works in some ways and using things that the PC had easily is something I am working on. I really was worried about how I would be during the convention. This is my vacation. I don't go off to beaches or mountain resorts. I love comics and all that surrounds them. To me this is fun and enjoyable. So my health was threatening my fun.

I had wanted to do an ambitious cosplay. I just didn't have the time. I went with a plan B. Halloween the theme for the church event was Pirate. I did a very simple Pirate Batman. I took the week before the Con and rallied to beef up my Cosplay. I still am very "low rent" compared to the majority of cosplayers, but to me I had the best one I have ever done. My sword threw people, but most got the character. The story was that I ransacked a ship during a stint in the waters around Asia.

Somewhere there may be a pic of me where someone makes fun, all cosplayers have been subjected to this, but it does not diminish the fun you can have doing this activity. I always have anxiety before the day begins. When the day ends I am at ease. I am not as socially awkward. It amazes me that when I am around this community I am able to feel like a person. I am sorry, this is heading into a different direction.

I hope to do better and post more. I think my new goal is just to do like I have done cosplaying, just push through the troubles and share what I love. Comics has brought so many people together that come from such diverse places. It is a passion that can overcome the divisions we face as humanity. In these days of children being ripped from their parents arms we need something to unite us so horrors like that can be fought. Then we can become the heroes we pretend to be.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wonder Woman #37

Writer - James Robinson  Pencils - Carlo Pagulayan & Stephen Segoyia
Inks - Jason Paz, Art Thibert, & Raul Fernandez  
Colors - Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Letters - Saida Temofonte  

Children of the Gods  Conclusion

Let us start this review off by saying that the story by and large is not bad. It just was not needed as a part of the regular Wonder Woman series. It is really strange how DC Comics could take the excellent run by Greg Rucka that coincided with the outstanding movie by Patty Jenkins and then take the Wonder Woman comic into a storyline that places Diana on the sidelines. That is the big flaw of this story. It would have been better to have made this a mini series and keep the focus of the Wonder Woman comic WONDER WOMAN. It is clear this was a story to remake the over used Darksied into an adult.

It is a good fight even if it is between Zeus and Darksied. Robinson really seems to not get that Wonder Woman is relevant now. She has been treated as a strong character and given great stories. He places her as the defeated daughter that just has to watch as events go around her. Even as he wraps the story up he has her resentful to see her teammates. Diana is not the petty woman he made her. That is a shame as in 2017 she truly became a flagship hero for DC.

My hope is that soon in 2018 DC has the sense to let one of the talented women that are writing in comics now have a long run on Wonder Woman. I would love to see Amy Chu be given the character, but Dynamite unlike DC has seen the value of her talent and has her busy. They do have the Bensons & Bennett who could do an awesome job. Keep the Wonder Woman love going DC. We need her in this messed up world we are living in right now.

Batwoman #10

Writer - Marguerite Bennett  Artist - Fernando Blanco & Marc Laming
Colorist - John Rauch  Letterer - Deron Bennett

Kiss From A Rose

This has been a strange trippy tale of Batwoman. It harkens back to the earliest appearances of this incarnation of Kate Kane. She was wandering in the desert when all this began. It lead her to a cage shared with her Daddy’s favorite Colony Prime. The two were then tortured by the Scarecrow. It was a breakdown of Kate Kane that is brave at this juncture in her Rebirth life. Like all heroes, Kate fights back.

In this concluding act of the story, Batwoman has embraced her inner demons and now the Scarecrow should be afraid. It is a great battle of the mind that has been made real by technology. You really have to read it to fully grasp the greatness of this ending.

Kate’s dad makes an appearance and we get more of the obsessive “you picked Batman” angst he brings. She does show she is more than a female Batman. Batwoman is her own person and her own justice bringer. That is one of the great things about this book and I do hope DC Comics can see that fact. We need books like this one. It helps broaden the reach of comics aby the role model Kate Kane is and can be.

BIG surprise at the end. I loved it and look forward to seeing where it goes next. I also hope Batwoman stays out of Gotham a bit longer. It is nice to see her outside the shadow of the Bat.


Friday, October 20, 2017


I know my posting just dropped, but life has demanded my attention.  I am going to get back to reviewing comics and chatting about my favorite things.  It will just take some time.  Meanwhile my mind has been trying to figure out a way to try and find new sources of money.  As I have been visiting people I meet at Cons and those I read stories by I have been thinking of joining
Patreon.  I wonder if anyone would read my stories.  I also think it might be a good place to start writing the book in my head.

Another idea is that I could review the trades & Graphic Novels I have.  Some are of a nature that only grown ups should read and I have always shied away from posting on the Blog.  The attacks when i was at this one church about my reviewing comics has the still bitter taste of anger and regret.  On Patreon the people that read it would be paying to do so and it could be a place only those that want to see my reviews of those books can.  I also think the Trades could allow me to make sure i have content up.

I am reading some good stuff right now.  DC mainly, but Dynamite comics have been providing a strong line of books.  I would mention Lights book Skin & Earth.  It is wonderful and the fact that her just released album has songs that match each story is amazing.  A horror trade I have gotten is The Beauty.  That would be a book on Patreon if and when I start one.

I am inspired to write more.  Just need the willpower, lack of Depression, & hope.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Mera takes on the League in JUSTICE LEAGUE #24

 I love being on Twitter because it helps me know about characters appearances.  I probably would have missed Mera's showing up in the pages of Justice League.  I have Aquaman on my pull list at the LCS, Ssalefish Comics.  I know how Mera became so tormented.  I also get that this happens because of the events in Atlantis.

So, it was a no-brainer that I would need to get this issue.  It was AMAZING!  If you thought Batman could take the League down, then you should see what Mera can do even on the verge of exhaustion.  It is a beautiful ballet of systematic take downs.  Oh how wonderful.

This is just pure happiness as I watch one of my favorite characters and she is written so well.  This is more than Aquaman's Mermaid here.  What has been running since the New 52 in the Aquaman title is carried into the DCU.  That is nice to see happen.

It could have been a vastly different portrayal.  Mera could have been written as a crazy woman lashing out because her man is gone.  Instead she is lashing out to make sure what Arthur had fought for in keeping peace between the surface world and Atlantis was held tight.  Yes she is hurting, but she puts duty and honor above and because of that the League may have gained a new member that is better than the rest.

Wonder Woman also has a great moment here.  Batman gets surprised.  Everyone else gets schooled.  Worth the price of admission.


HeroesCon 2017: Grimm Fairy Tales

 Do you ever buy stuff on a whim at Conventions?  C'mon, we do.  Sometimes they can turn out to be interesting and very good surprises.  Take my purchase of this little card from Zenescope.  I have often looked at the covers for their books, skimmed inside, but because of money and who knows what else I pass over them.  Sometimes I think I will pick up a trade or back issues one day.  Then an opportunity presented itself.

I have not joined the digital reading world until just as the Convention began.  I lost my Netbook to battery death or fan death or both.  This forced me to make a decision before the Con if I wanted to stay connected online and store my photos as I have no smartphone.  I ended up buying a Chromebook.  It has been awesome.  I even had gotten a free Zenescope comic to try on it, Robyn Hood, thinking of reading it while in Charlotte.  

While leaving the Aftershock Comics booth I was looking at the Zenescope booth.  I knew that the budget would not allow me to buy any collected editions from them, but it did not hurt to look.  While talking with the guy there he showed me the card you see above.  It collected the stories that began the series of tales and was on a USB drive.  I bought it.  It has been great.  Works really well on the Chromebook, especially in Tablet mode.

So if you see them this summer ask about this thing.  It is cool and a great way to be introduced to their world of comics.