Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday: HeroesCon 2012 Report

      It was last Friday that I had gathered my pal Big Daddy Rich and headed off down the Interstate to Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This is my vacation.  I get to the beach, as I take the kids to Summer Camp this year.  I would rather be in the Mountains, but that was nixed this year.  No, this is my time to be at rest in the world of my people, Comic Geeks.  It was a shock this year as the date was a bit later and the crowd on Friday was increased.  The best part of that was the number of kids.  There was bunches of tykes there on Friday and that gives hope for the future.  I bought some stuff and scan works for the rest of the weekend.  There was some great stuff to see and an awesome atmosphere in the air.  Sadly, Shelton Drum, the man behind the event was not as visible to me this year.

     That lack of Shelton might have lead to some of the "non-family friendly" products being out there in some places.  The only complaint I had is one I figure Shelton has little control over.  I did not like that beer was being sold on Friday and Saturday.  It bothered me as this has always been a very safe and family friendly event.  I know I am not in the majority with views on drinking, but I would rather it be sectioned off to the after hours events as it has been in the past.  Otherwise, this had to have been the biggest and best HeroesCon ever.  Probably Stan Lee had some effect.

     Saturday I dressed up again this year.  I brought my Green Arrow garb and decided to not buy much on Saturday.  I was sought after more for pics this year I think.  I thought I was the only Green Arrow, until I saw someone's pic list and there was the more professional looking cosplayer as Ollie.  I never saw him.  There were many of the costumed people I never saw.  There were that many people there Saturday.  It was enough of a crowd that I limited myself to the Indie Island side to keep from poking a person in the nose with my quiver of arrows.  Dressing up is fun when you can make the little kids smile as they see you and get a picture with a character they recognize.

     The Stan Lee Experience was something I passed upon.  I looked at the cost of being able to see him or get and autograph and decided that my money was better suited to the rest of the Convention.  Thinking back now I realize I probably did better giving cash to the people I did than the Desert Winds Promotion people that made the bucks off of Stan Lee.  I bought a bunch of prints and art books.  I will try and scan what I can later so you can see what I have bought.  It is just awesome to get favorite characters in the various forms.

     All said the 2012 HeroesCon was just fun and worth the sore legs and feet i carried home.  Adventure Time was the popular fad of this year, but Doctor Who still held a bit of swagger.  I went to two panels, the CosPlay and the Sunday Wonder Woman discussion.  Maybe that is why my feet hurt, I never really went to where you can sit down.  I am now working on collecting and saving for next year.


Heroes Con 2012 Sunday Pictures

Heroes Con 2012 Saturday Pictures