Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Justice League International #1

            What an odd book.  I really am unclear how to categorize it.  Is it a Checkmate type United Nations intrigue book?  Maybe it is a Spares & Pairs superhero team.  It has so much going on in this first issue that it was really hard to love it at all.  I do like that the August General in Iron is in this book.  The characters are neat.  Was Godiva around before Flashpoint?  If not she is here now.  Booster Gold is interesting as a leader who could be great.

            I sure hope Guy Gardener is not exclusive to this title.  I will miss him if he is.  I do not plan on getting the next issue.  It just didn't do anything to make me want to read more.  I know this one is short, but really I have little to say about Justice League International.