Friday, October 17, 2014

Flashback Fizzle

Tonight I was all ready to get back to Blogging.  I have had a busy and rough few weeks.  I know my health has been on a roller coaster.  I took a second job that has odd hours compared to most jobs.  I have been pushing to promote and work my church job.  All this while fighting off a seasonal allergy cough.  It was to be a start to scheduling normalcy tonight.

I had a old comic from 1986 on tap and really was getting up to start the process when I heard a sound like the vehicle that passed by had run over something on the road.  It was before 8:30 PM EST.  I went and got a flashlight and fund Pal in the road dead.  It really changed the night.

Pal was the name I called him, Dad called him Bozo or the dog that "wasn't his dog."  He really wasn't our dog.  Sometime back he showed up, a Beagle that just found the house with all the other Beagles and hounds.  He would run a rabbit, but was beyond gun shy.  In fact right after he showed up, the sight of a rifle before a cow was killed and dressed to be processed made him disappear.  We figure he was an older dog and that because he was gun shy the owner just took off a collar and let him go.

I had pet him maybe twenty minutes earlier when I went out on the porch.  Another Beagle we have that was his running buddy was looking for him after I got him out of the road and in a wheel barrow.  He may have not been our dog, but he is now buried in the area where many of our dogs have been laid to rest after their deaths.

It has been a long time since we lost a dog to the road.  It is just a sad night.