Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wilkes Library Con 2014

I travel up the road a bit today to a small event that has a great big impact.  Every year the Wilkes Regional Library holds what they call Library Con.  It is a celebration of all things GEEK and a mish mash of genres as young and old mix together.  It has a great bit of fun for kids.  It is AWESOME seeing so many children enjoying being in a Library.  They have a free admission, but a raffle goes on where you can win every hour.  I pretty much donated three dollars as I really didn't care if I won.  It is also a time to Cosplay.  There are some creative people that show up.  Many have just gotten homemade costumes.  It is less intimidating that HeroesCon or a big gathering of Cosplayers.  The children are great as they stare wide eyed at the characters from there books and cartoons.  It is a great way to spend a Saturday.


Friday, July 25, 2014



I went and saw this today.  It is a great movie, but it is a "thinking" movie.  You cannot let your brain go on autopilot.  Very deep and well done film.  Action is phenomenal.  Acting is great.  Morgan Freeman rocks!  The bad guys are believable and very determined.  Loved this movie.


Monday, July 21, 2014

I Am Sickly

We had a good week at Summer Camp.  The rain a couple of days combined with the humidity and wind gave me my Caswell Cold.  I have been feeling really bad today.  Instead of a Malibu Monday I hope you instead enjoy this Tardis as a Transformer sketch cover I had done at this year's HeroesCon.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Malibu Mondays: Star Trek Deep Space Nine #1

"And now for something completely different...." as the saying goes.  Deep Space Nine you wonder?  Yes, if I also remember correctly, Malibu Comics received the license to produce the first of the DS9 comics stories.  I had to get this at Heroes Convention this year.  I have a confession that might anger any of you who are of different opinions when it come to Star Trek, but here it is, DS9 was the best series.  Captain Sisko is the best Captain.  The entire franchise is best viewed through the DS9 portal to the Star Trek Universe.

Those of you still reading and not screaming how Kirk is best, or Picard, or Janeway, can just accept that buying this was a guilty pleasure in my quest for the Malibu Comics lines.  I did open this poly bagged issue and will be putting the poster that came with it up in my building where my Comics live.  I know for some that is bad, but I believe in reading my comics.  So I opened a bagged book and devalued it.

This is a great start to the comic.  All the characters are there and have really cool looks.  Even O'Brian's wife along with Jake and Nog are present.  Seeing Odo shift into a rat and jump in goop that had covered Quark was awesome.  The entire story just took me back to those early episodes.  It was outstanding.  I picked up another one and will do a write up on it, but it just seemed right to begin with issue #1.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

HeroesCon Surprise!

 I was really good at Trade surfing the Convention floor this year.  I picked up a few good collections.  I filled in some of my reads in trade form like Noble Causes.  It was a good weekend.  Like always I pick up and look at books I have in the single issue format.  When I picked up No Honor I was in for a really cool surprise.  On the back was not one, but two quotations from me about the book and it's author.  Yes, that second and last quotes under the name of Hatcher is me.

I started out writing reviews under the alias of Hatcher for a small site called PaperBackReader.  We merged for a bit with before splitting back off.  It was the loss of my alias that stopped my work online as a reviewer.  My hobby was used by unscrupulous people and I had to give up something I liked a great deal.  It was at a time when I was being recognized for being an honest reviewer and reaping some perks of that unpaid job.  To see something that I said used to promote a book I really liked was just a bit of nostalgia and way awesome.

If you get a chance, read No Honor.  It is really cool.  A buddy team up between an art thief and a restless spirit of a long passed samurai.  Fiona Kai Avery really can write the culture of Japan and just has a great sense of subtle comedy.  The action rocks and it just was a great read.


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