Friday, November 15, 2013

Life gets in the way......

I have a few ideas for posts, just not getting them done.  Tomorrow I am going to try and make some money at an indoor yard sale, so my time has been on getting ready for that as I round up my stuff.  Was going to get part of that done on Wednesday, but someone decided to change my plans (Dad) and it added about 3 hours extra work in the building.

I am also dealing with some depression.  Once I get done with something I feel really drained.  I did go seven straight days walking.  Hope to get back this next week after the rain clears.  Been a great deal on my mind lately as well.  I hope to schedule better in the days ahead and have some post going soon.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Flashback Fridays: The Micronauts #41

Here is an example of an impulse buy from me.  I do not collect Micronauts and paid $1.00 for this issue at the local Antiques store.  The dealer booth I found this comic in has a regular stack that I look through and think "I wish I could get that price for that issue I have."  The key in my decision to buy was one factor, I do collect Doctor Doom appearances.  These are my weakness, the stories are usually cool and interesting.  

One thing that really stands out when you read this comicbook is that you READ this comicbook.  Unlike the issues of comics today this book is filled with text along with the art.  There is something nice about that fact.  It seems lost in today's market.  Maybe a $3 and $4 price would seem less costly if there were more meat in today's books to chew on.

The team of miniature freedom fighters are in trapped exile at this point in there adventures.  Much hardship has befallen them and they appear to have just come from a conflict with the Fantastic Four.  They does lead them to the American based Castle of Dr. Doom in upstate New York.  They are trying to get shrunk back down to the Microverse so they can continue the fight against ruling class of the Microverse.  Hence the traveling to Castle Doom on the word of Ben Grimm (The Thing).

It is in the Castle that they find a miniature town wit scared people.  Freedom Fighters at the core they are ready to confront a small Doctor Doom.  It all comes from a team up that had Phillip Masters (The Puppet Master) end up Mayor and then overthrown by a Doom Robot.  The story is really neat, although it never leads to escape for the Micronauts.  It is still worth the dollar I paid.  Really this book could have been part of my Comicbook Rescue Project.