Friday, July 29, 2011

Flashback Friday (HeroesCon Edition): Rex Zombie Killer #0

This year I will do better with my self imposed obligation to post about books from Heroes Con.  I decided to combine the effort in the Flashback Friday part of the Blog.  So today I give you a glimpse of Rex Zombie Killer.  It is a simple story of a dog named Rex.  He is a super intelligent golden retriever.  On his journey to find safe haven in a world suffering from a Zombie outbreak is a pit bull named Brutus, a corgi named Buttercup, and a white cat named Fluffy.  This is a short story that sets up their quest.  It also is how they free the last member of the traveling party.

Kenji is a gorilla that is trapped in the lab it was held at.  Why do they need a gorilla.  Easy, opposeable thumbs.  That and Kenji can swing a baseball bat.  This is a great idea that is cool in the different take on zombies.  There is a hint that if the animals eat the flesh of a zombie they change as well.  It is a concept that makes sense in so many ways.  Animals affected by a zombie virus was a no brainer that is past its time.

The guy behind the company, Rob Anderson, made his second appearance with a table for Panda Dog Press at HeroesCon.  He is a friendly person that gathers attention from Convention Attendees by his smile and easy going nature.  The table is really eye catching as well.  I need to write about last years comic offering Animal Control.  That is where the Panda Dog is introduced.  I did get Panda Dog buttons that I wore at Vacation Bible School this year with our Panda theme.  Check out the site by clicking on the Panda Dog Press Logo.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Canterbury Cricket #1

The Canterbury Cricket #1
The only Flashpoint title I have bought has been The Canterbury Cricket.  I did so because of the weird nature of the character.  A human sized Cricket as a hero.  He is not a guy in a bug costume, but a Cricket.  I was curious.  I like British stuff as well and knew he had that connection.  So I purchased my only Flashpoint title to date.

I figure that the entire thing will be collected in trade and I will read it like that when the time comes.  Here though was an opportunity to read a bit and stay away from multiple issues and all the crazy expensive buys.  What I found was an enjoyable little tale with easily relateable characters.  Even the unknowns were easy to get a handle on.

Etrigan The Demon was recognizable.  What was new was Godiva, Mrs. Hyde, and Wicked Jinny Green Teeth.  They were easy to read and I liked the team dynamic very much.  Still, The Canterbury Cricket is the hero of the moment.  In true Canterbury fashion we get the suggestion for a modern DC version of the Canterbury Tales.  Cricket goes first to tell his origin.

It is a unique twist on the usual power granting story.  Instead of wanting power and going to the evil forces of the Underworld, The Cricket was a good looking guy who fled at a time of duty and honor and is given the chance for redemption by the Holy forces of good.  His penance is to wear the hideous form of the Canterbury Cricket.  That was really cool.  There is more to it.  I just sort of glossed over the whole story.  It is one that you can pick up and enjoy as a stand alone origin.

This book leads into Lois Lane and the Resistance.  So if you want to continue it you can.  I will wait for the Trades.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Did some organizing today.....

I spent all afternoon sorting and organizing my comics that are loose.  I needed this because the new issues and the old stuff were mixed and just a mess.  I had these massive mixed up stacks everywhere.  It was needed.  I have a handle on things and am making a schedule for some more series looks.  I have a collection of O'Neil Huntress comics I really want to do an issue by issue look at.  Expect Mantra Mondays to return.  I also have the books from the Convention to go through.  Plus I need to rearrange the Youth Meeting space, make and can spaghetti sauce, design a T-Shirt and plan a new program for work, and pick some stuff in the gardens.  I really just want to read comics.  Oh well, the world keeps turning.


Friday, July 22, 2011

When Captain America throws his mighty shield.......

OK, so I went to the local theatre at about 1:30 PM for the 2:00 showing.  I was settled in, chomping popcorn, waiting and anticipating.  Then the lights flickered.  Darkness.  Emergency lights.  A long and loud rumbling of thunder.  Needless to say that a transformer was blown by the lightening.  I was planning to see Cap and then refill the popcorn and drink and watch another flick and stay cool in our oppressive heat.  I got a readmit for anytime and tried it again for the 4:30 showing.  The power came back at 4 just in time for the second round of films, some beginning at 4:10.

What about the movie?  BEST ONE YET!  Thor was good.  I heard X-Men was good, didn't see it.  Green Lantern delivered and was a great start for a franchise.  Captain America was just one of these great films that remind us what being a hero is all about.  It had so much that it had to do in terms of the Avengers, telling Steve's origin, and being a great comicbook film.  It does it.

This is a World War Two movie with a Sci-Fi flair.  Hugo Weaving was SO COOL as the Red Skull.  If you thought Loki was well done, wait until you see the Skull.  Toby Jones makes a great weaselly Armin Zola.  Tommy Lee Jones rocks his part and delivers much of the dry humor that carries the movie.  All the cast is just really good.  This movie does the heart of Steve Rogers justice.  He is the Captain America that all of us grew up with and know how he really was a soldier, yet didn't relish killing.

The 3D did not kill my eyes as bad as Green Lantern, but neither was it as good as Thor.  The teaser at the end is really good.  I just enjoyed this incredibly long film.  That is the only thing you need to be ready for is the length.  It kept my attention, but 2 hours and 50 minutes can be hard on the backside.

Great film for an Outstanding Character.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Rant on DC and Comic Con

Let me get this rant out of my system before Bloggers like The Nerdy Bird give us all the great reports from the biggest Convention in Geekdom as far as comics are concerned.  I am sick in tired of the Social Media reports on the DC Blog.  Here are the cool things we are giving away.  Want a button, too bad be on the Left Coast.  It sucks.  I was OK as for the second year DC had a smaller presence at HeroesCon.  Well, this year it was no official presence.  It is kind of nice when the creative people that work for the big companies do not have to have meetings with the company big wigs.  More time for us adoring fans to pester and talk with them.  I figure the economy had a part to play as well.  Save up for bigger venues.  That's cool.

For two months though it seems we that have to scrape by just to get to Charlotte and other smaller venues have had our faces rubbed in all the cool give aways at Comic Con.  Screw you DC.  It reeks that you do this and think it is cool.  It sucks.  So not only are we nervous that you will screw up this grand plan to make your books "more hip and accessible" to buyers that will never be as committed, we also get spit upon because we cannot be in San Diego.

Bad taste in my mouth.  Glad it is out.  Now I can look at the cool costumes I wish I could make as well as others do and all the neat stuff that will be shown on the Internet about new books and toys.  Glad that is over.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Why No Posts?

I really meant to write something this past week.  Just didn't.  I did read ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.  Awesome novel.  I will be writing about it.  Before that it was MAGIC SLAYS.  Another novel, so I have been reading, just not all comics.  I did get to the shop.  There will be a conclusion to my War Reports for Green Lantern,

About the other books I am torn.  Most of what I read will not be around come September.  It has made it hard to want to write about the titles.  I can just wait and go through them issue by issue, right?  Just kind of drains the enthusiasm knowing an end is coming to so much of my joy.

I did pick up Canterbury Cricket.  So I can write about it.  I am toying with the idea of a Flashback Friday Week.  What do you think about that?  I also have books from HeroesCon to write about still.  So I will slowly be up and running soon.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Gone this week

I will be out of town taking the "boys" of the Youth Group to Summer Camp.  Sorry for no updates, but life and job have trumped Blogging for now.  I hope to do an entire Flashback week when i get back.  I hope to have Boogity Boogity Cheese ready on time as well as my work on a FanFiction offshoot made possible by DCnU.

Take Care and Happy 4th of July.


P.S.  Hug a Veteran and tell them Thank You.