Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Justice League #1

            While not necessarily worth $3.99, it is an enjoyable story.  Batman is like he should be in terms of the character skeleton.  The world being against heroes has been done before and strikes against the core of what the DCU has been for decades.  Makes sense as we are now in a generation of writers that came up under the Marvel style of stories.  Many have decried the fact that we have not gotten the entire team displayed.  Get over it.  This is a story.  It has a beginning, middle, and end.  This is what Geoff Johns brings to the table.  He crafts a tale and you get what should be there when reading.

            Jim Lee did what we figured he would do, incredible art.  This was a pretty book to look at when you read it.  Green Lantern was very cool looking and as for the constructs, wow.  So that is what we knew would be.  The big question is whether Lee can deliver each month.  Can he keep the schedule running.  If this book become late, it will not matter that it is not in line with the present in terms of timeline.  It will be another slap in readers faces, and new readers that might have come along will not be as forgiving as us long timers.  This is the age of instant gratification.  When a podcast begins not having content in a timely manner, you drop it.  If DC can not deliver books each month as promised they run the risk of alienating that small group this reboot was aimed at in the first place.

            Last thing is the last image we are left with, Superman.  What was he thinking?  Aquaman should not look cooler than Superman.  OK, that was just a bit tongue and cheek, but come on, that costume is not very stylish.  Maybe Supes should have retractable pants like Wonder Woman is suppose to have.  It could be the face Lee draws.  There is an arrogance there that just doesn't fit for me.  His costume is not that defined, maybe that will be the argument.  I dislike the arm-guards  Why would an invulnerable being need arm guards?  Now the thing is I kind of like the look in Swamp Thing.  Yanick Paquette has taken Lee's design and somehow made it work.  Still hate the arm-guards, but Paquette does a better job with this awful look.