Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Batgirl #1

            I will probably have my Gail Simone fan club membership revoked after this discussion.  It really is not her fault.  She does a great job with this changed history.  It makes sense.  What hurts my ability to connect is that I have such a long association with Barbara Gordon as Oracle that I just can't go with Simone on this journey.  I am debating whether to drop the title before the second issue.  I can't believe I liked OMAC better than Batgirl by Gail Simone.

            OK, time to be above the emotional reaction.  For a new reader who has no connection to DC history this is a well done comicbook.  Simone hits all the right buttons and provides her excellent dialogue.  Having a cheerful new roommate will be interesting for Barbara.  It was cool she did a nod to the wheelchair and disabled community with the scene about the wheelchair lift and Batgirl commenting on her upper arm strength.  Still, it is not as powerful as a woman in a wheelchair finding ways to overcome her mobility issues and being smarter and able to still physically defend herself.

            The post traumatic stress issues will be a great plot device.  Her seeing the Joker every time a crook points a gun at her makes sense.  Also ramps up the tension if and when the Joker shows up in the series.  Will she even realize it is the real Joker?  Simone has done everything she needs to do for the casual and new reader.  Long timers will have a harder time accepting Batgirl.  DC will back this decision to the hilt.  I can see many confrontations at Conventions over this change.  It was the biggest controversy when the DCnU was announced and I see no change in that fact going forward.