Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Starting today you have the opportunity to help the wonderful Writer of so many diverse characters and worlds, Peter David.  Most of you should know that Mr. David had a stroke recently.  This auction has been put together by J.K. Woodward over on his Blog.  Several people have generously done original pieces and put some other things up to help.  All information is yours by going to the following link:

Please check out this auction.  Please share the fact that it is going on.  


Monday, February 11, 2013

Earth 2

I am slowly working to post regularly again.  I need to get back to a schedule and help myself break the depressive funk I have been under for a bit now.  In doing that I wanted to talk about one of the DCnU titles that has been intriguing and just good reads month after month.  EARTH 2 has become one of the books where old characters have returned and some characters are reintroduced to readers.  I see that this is and has become the Justice Society of America part of the DCnU.  The Flash, Atom, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, Mr. Terrific, and others can be traced to that book.  It lies in a world where things are just not the same, similar, but not the same.

This is an Earth that has a BIG history.  Darksied invaded and nearly took over the planet.  It took the might and sacrifice of this Earth's Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to stop that threat and give a new life to the world.  In the defeat of the forces of Apokilips, not only did the Trinity die, but the daughter of Batman and Catwoman and her friend Supergirl were transport to another Earth.  This connects to one of my other favorite books right now, WORLD'S FINEST.  That book has the adventures of Earth 2's Robin (Huntress) and Supergirl (Power Girl) in the main DCnU Earth.

Darksied's general is stuck on Earth 2 and has apparently taken Wonder Woman's daughter under his control.  That was scary to see.  When this duo encounters the new "Wonders" of this world it should be explosive.  DC had a major press blip with this title as well.  Alan Scott, Green Lantern is gay in this incarnation.  His love dies and is the spark for the ring and the focus of his new power.  It was a small bit of the overall story, but the mainstream press latched on and had a bit of excitement.  This Green Lantern is powerful and the incarnation of Solomon Grundy he fought was as well.

What I think attracts me to the book is the newness of ages old characters.  They have the familiarity of the namesakes, but they are new and just finding out there place in the Universe.  An added part is that there is a major deal of EVIL coming down the road for this Earth.  We know that the coming together of the forces and people we are introduced to is of great importance.  This has brought a bunch of enjoyment to me as I read.  

Earth 2 is a book for lovers of great stories and those wanting something new to read.  Plus it has the outstanding artwork of Nicola Scott.  She is one of the treasures that DC Comics has working for them currently.  Her people have a great look to them and they are just awesome to look at.  Her backgrounds are so vivid.  Just buy the book for her art and I bet that James Robinson will hook you with the stories.