Friday, September 9, 2011


            I will be one of the lone voices out there to say this I think, Dan Didio did a great job on this first issue.  Many people love to hate on the bombastic executive of DC Comics.  I might not agree with his decisions and all his comments, but I can say that watching and interacting with him at Heroes convention that he loves comics and is like us in terms of that love.  Us being those that love stories and know the way we feel when we read a great comic book.  OMAC was a book I was not looking forward to at all.  Now I am considering it for my pull list.

            The story is very different from the other stable of books from the first week of September.  We never see the main character in his secret guise until the very end of the story.  OMAC could become a Hulk-like character.  I see it as an engine of destruction character.  What is different is the controlling mechanical voice that really is driving the story.  I should have known what it was, but I didn't connect it because I was so into the plot. 

            This was a very Jack Kirby styled issue.  The scene where the lady opens her mouth and weird cannons start shooting mad me think Scott Koblish and company had traveled back to the early days of comics.  The way that art melds with a modern technology for comics looks awesome.  The electric arcs around the Mohawk are a great aesthetic for the visual presentation.

            All in all this could be a sleeper in my opinion.  The next three to five issues will be crucial.  Who knows, Didio might win over some of his detractors by the end of the third issue.