Friday, June 25, 2010

More Pictures From Heroes Convention

Richard posing with Nick Fury and The Black Widow.  
These were awesome costumes.

 This Black Panther costume was outstanding, but it had to be extremely hot on the wearer.

Katie snaps a picture while we wait for the 12-Gauge Comics Panel with Mick Foley.

Mick Foley, Katie, and Richard.

Silver Sable became Rogue on Sunday.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Busy So Here are some Pictures

I am in the midst of Vacation Bible School and preparing for Summer Camp.  That is why I stalled out on the posting.  I am also just feeling drained, it is hot here in the South.  So I will provide some pictures.  Not sure about Blogger's new Picture Loader, so maybe I will get some labels on the pictures.

I posed with the Marvel Brigade here.  Do you think I can blast Ant-Man off that Arrow?

Richard and I saw Zatanna and Black Cat as we were coming back from the Parking Garage.  I realized later that Black Cat was the cute shortest Zatanna at the Art Auction.  I had a ball dressed up this year.

I love Hawkeye and Mockingbird.  To see them and get pics with them was awesome.  She had a very cool outfit and he was spot on with the details of his costume.  They were part of a group of friends there to help support a friend that is doing the new series for Marvel.

If I were rich I would have stayed up until the Wee Hours and bought this awesome Sean Chen Batgirl piece at the Art Auction.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HeroesCon Report & Thoughts

Hello Peoples! Yes, I am aware it is a full week after HeroesCon and here I am writing my report. The thing is that this is not just a report, but a return to Blogging about my favorite hobby and associated things. I have decided to begin reviewing comics again. I left to ensure my job, but really my heart was heavy at leaving. I had finally achieved a level of trust with some creators and it hurt having to say good-bye to all that work I had done. So I am returning and will begin by reviewing the books I picked up at the Convention this year. I also plan on getting all the pictures uploaded to this Blog and by the magic of Blogger the Pisca Web area that is provided.

So on to the Convention. I guess I have been five years now, four in a row. For the second time I was there all three days. Friday I was by my lonesome as I went around and got as many signatures as I could. That is the best thing about Fridays. You get the books signed when the crowds are lower. I also picked up a few prints and some books. It was a good day and really set things up for the new adventure I would be undertaking on Saturday.

Each year I have tried to have a new experience at Heroes Con. This year was to be the year I dressed up. I took my Trunk-Or-Treat Green Lantern Costume and the Lantern I had made and was a bit apprehensive. Even knowing I would be
surrounded by those that understand a grown man dressed as a big green exclamation point, I was nervous. My natural introversion was high. Once I got used to being asked to pose for a picture I became relaxed and had a blast. The best thing was when a parent would ask to take a picture with a kid. I loved this and would let the child hold the Lantern. It was nice making a child smile as they got their picture with Green Lantern.

On Saturday I traveled with my best friend and his wife. It was her first time at a Convention and her love of Doctor Who was what she was focused on, but she said she had a great time. I think the great thing at HeroesCon was what really impressed her. Everyone is so nice and approachable. This is the friendly Convention. The place that even creators bring family because it is a place they can relax a bit as well.
Thank goodness I decided to skip the DC Panels. Ian Sattler did not impress me last year. He lacks the enthusiasm Dan Didio brought to a panel. Apparently the wheels came off the truck as they (DC) belittled the FanGirl Community. So all in all I avoided something that would have upset me.

I attended the Art Auction for over an hour. Was nice, wish I were a rich person. Saturday night I still had $50 in my wallet and was really proud of myself. I think being in costume helped keep me from spending as much. I did pick up a good run of Mutant X and Excalibur Comics. Made a few purchases of books, but really the prints made the cut this year in a big way. It was a great Convention again this year. The best part was that my favorites were there. I saw Mockingbird, Hawkeye, Dazzler, and Silver Sable and have pictures with them. That was awesome. I know the Silver Sable gal was being so nice as I geeked totally out over her costume. The most seen character was Zatanna. She ruled the Con as the gal most appearing. They had the Zatanna's present the art at the auction.

That is enough for now. Check back for more pictures real soon.