Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Action Comics #1

            Is it Action Comics or is it Superman Action Comics #1?  No matter what it is called, it is written by Grant Morrison.  All the long timers wondered which Morrison we were getting.  He is such a genius that you know it will be astounding.  What we didn't know was whether it would be his over our heads cosmic conscious expanding writing or a more down to earth straight forward tale?  Morrison gave us a very accessible story of a Superman that is not so super yet.  He does it very well.  This is what DC needed from him as they are trying to court “new” readers. 

            This is a Superman that is not catching the bullets bouncing off of him.  It is a hero being hounded by what looks to be corrupt cops, military, and corporate interests.  I like that Morrison has brought back the people's hero concept.  Two comicbook characters should be the people's protectors, Captain America and Superman.  Morrison reminds the long timers of this while explaining it to a group of readers that live in a world where we are told not to worry about the poor and struggling.  Having Lex Luthor contrasted as a cold-hearted corporate shark is what we also needed.

            You have to read this issue to really enjoy it.  I do hope that issue #2 drops down from $3.99.  I would add it to my pull list if it does.  I will look to the trade if it does not.  My pal from PBR days rich had it right.  That last page is just so amazing.  It hooks you.  We know that Superman goes on, but wow what he endures in that page makes you wonder why he would.  One quick mention of Rags Morales and the art.  Very well matched.  This is a great team and I hope they can stay matched up for a long time in the run of Action Comics. 

            Action Comics is one of the new issues that worked in this glut of #1's  Worth the $3.99 to check it out.