Monday, June 23, 2014

Malibu Mondays: Siren Special #1

I bought this comic on Friday at Heroes Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and read it that night in the hotel.  I noticed that Randy Green did the cover.  I carried it back Saturday hoping to get it signed, but sadly for me, his kid had a baseball tournament and he was only there on Friday.  Just a side story.  Now on to talking about the comic.

If you have never read a single Malibu comic or have no clue about Siren and Shuriken, then please do not just grab this out of a back issue box and read it as a way to jump into this comicbook world.  You will be very lost.  I kind of know about Siren and I was lost.  It helps that I have the run except for the first issue of The All New Exiles.  I at least know the whys and hows of Juggernaut and the reason Siren is sent after Shuriken. I get that maybe the end of this has something to do with Ultraforce.  Everything else is just a patchwork.

Siren is given an origin.  She is brought back from her stay in the Marvel Universe I guess.  It really is just a guess.  I think Siren is neat and here we get some cool uses of powers, but truthfully I never do really understand her origin completely.  The action in the story is really cool and the art top notch.  It is a good grab for my collecting of all the Malibu Universe.  Just wonder if I will collect enough to see the big picture of where this "special" fits into the larger scheme of things?


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday at HreoesCon

Well, today was a cool day at the crowded Heroes Convention.  I picked Aime-Comi Supergirl as the post pick because she is gorgeous as the Maiden of Might, but also because she had such a great and happy personality that was just cool to be around.  I hope she found the figure she was looking for.  The CosPlay fun as been increasing and it was in full force today.

I picked up a bunch of trades and some cool prints.  Learned about writing comics and found time to rest my feet.  This has been a lower key Convention, but it seems better.  There is no pretentious feeling that sometimes come when the "corporate" aspect of the industry is present.  The creators are more laid back and just relaxed more.  Yes, we lack the glitz of the major companies being here, but those that work for them are here and accessible.  Just makes for a different vibe.  

Tomorrow is decision time.  Some big things on my buy list.  Hope I can get good picks.


HeroesCon Saturday Pics

Friday, June 20, 2014


Made it down safe and sound.  Things were smooth and the day was very lite in terms of crowd.  There was a good amount of people and the spread out design really made for a great time of browsing.  I have two sketches already.  One is of Odie and the other is a sketch cover of the TARDIS as a Transformer.  Bought 40 comics and picked up a few trades.  Really cool beginning to vacation.

One bad thing that they did this year was not let you leave you prints if you had three day passes.  This was a bad decision I think.  It was always nice to be able to pick your print up as you left to check into a hotel instead of risking damage as you carried it around.  I bought some awesome bow ties.  Just had great fun and really looking forward to taking pics, sitting in on some panels, and spending money on the collection.

Also stopped by the Charlotte Hornets store.  It is nice having Hugo Hornet back in the Carolinas where he belongs.