Friday, May 30, 2014

Wow, I knew it had been a bit since I had posted, but Wow.  It has been a combination of things that have keep me from posting.  I have read two novels, health problems are bad, selling stuff to afford HeroesCon, Netflix, and a bit of laziness.  I hope to recover the mojo soon.  If not at least I will post about HeroesCon that weekend.


Friday, May 2, 2014


It is Free Comic Book DAY EVE and I am soon to go to bed because the stupid Jonesville Jubilee is having a Run and shutting my road down and I have to get started early.  But the excitement is building, while kind of building.  I am very broke so the Free part will be the main part.  Probably not buying anything from my pull box tomorrow either.  Still, this is the big day that has fun and coolness written all over it.  Weather is suppose to be nice.  Just got to get there.

Read Terry Goodkind's The Third Kingdom this week.  I hope to write about it soon.  I have to get the book back to the Library after this next week.  It was good and better than the last couple of books in this Richard and Kahlan focused series that followed the end of The Sword Of Truth series.

Have a great Free Comic Book Day and then May the 4th be with you!