Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Green Lantern Corps #58 Variant
Weather has sidetracked me by causing a cold to form.  I have a big Youth Event Friday.  Doc appointment tomorrow.  

I was doing so well with the post.  I will be on a limited buying trip to the comic shop as bills take priority.  Expect a Batgirl review next week though.  It will be interesting picking what to buy from the hold box.  I do plan on picking up the next issue of Supergirl after the new team came on.

Sadly, I read that Dwayne McDuffie died.  I was just reading his Justice League of America stuff a few weeks back.  It is a sad passing for comics and the world in general.  He was such a creative force.  He also was a good role model and example to kids of all colors, but the African-American community specifically.  His family is in my prayers.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

DC Universe Online Legends #5 cover

Benes rocked this cover art.  That is all.

DC Universe Online Legends #5 cover

Monday, February 14, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #4

Mantra #4
     Last Monday we had my first missing issue.  So when we open this issue and find Mantra in a submissive kneel before Boneyard we have no clue as to how she got there.  What we do find out is that Boneyard plans to marry and impregnate Mantra so he can then kill and drain the magic energy from their children.  You can just imagine how Lucasz felt about that little nugget of information.  The whiny warrior acts out of desperation and actually knocks Boneyard off-balance.  The arrogant mouth on Lucasz might be his/her undoing as Notch once again ponders how Mantra knows his name.

     So, there is an escape and a brief look at Boneyard's dimension.  There is a scene in a bar where Lucasz is mistaken for a prostitute, then a slave to be auctioned off, and then a runaway slave.  When the two people show up and get Mantra out of the situation she just goes along.  The two are the brother and sister exiled rulers of the realm, Jolon and Nirita.  Lucasz should not drink, it causes trouble.  Soon Mantra is trying to keep from getting killed and accidentally shows Boneyard where she is.  Thanks to Notch, Boneyard begins calling the names of Archimage's warriors.  Just like that Mantra is powerless and taken to become a bride.

     The three wives of Boneyard have dressed Lucasz up, or down as the case may be, for the wedding.  They give Mantra a knife to kill herself if she has the strength instead of being treated to Boneyard's "tender" mercies.  While this happens the character Warstrike appears and is looking to rescue Mantra.  Ironic since it was his killing Lucasz that created Mantra.

     Needless to say, they do get out.  Mantra is forced to uncover her true magical power and become herself in full.  That is funny since Lucasz is so adverse to just what Mantra is becoming and his own dealing with being trpped in a female body.  This is a great action oriented story that has a great deal of foreshadowing for the future issues.  Probably one of the better early issues in fact.

     Lucasz remains a whiny warrior, but at least Mantra has grown as a character. There are many things that I see as missed oppurtunities here in this book.  So many things that could have added to the story and really brought some balance to the book are overlooked.  Why stick a centuries old warrior in the body of a woman and really not explore all that entails.  It is almost like the idea was just a gimmick and never seen as anything more.  Part of me wonders if I could rewrite this comic and do it differently.  It is something to consider.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Fridays: Doctor Strange Master of the Mystic Arts #60 - 62

            One fine day some time ago in September I made an interesting find at my local shop's $1 boxes. Three issues of Doctor Strange back when Marvel was not bound by the corporate restraints of the Trade or lack of continuity. These issues are the final three parts to a story that was the end of Dracula in the Marvel Universe. If you don't know, at one point Dracula was a staple in the MU and he was ultimately defeated, and then boo hoo if you feel I spoiled something you never would have read.

            I confess that I have very few Doctor Strange comics in my collection. Any issues I have purchased on purpose have been less than one buck or included in a 3 for 1 deal and I wanted something else that was part of the combo. Here I was drawn to issue #60 when looking through the box the lovely form of Scarlet Witch appeared. Before I could really read, I confess to having two little boy crushes. One was Jamie Somers, the Bionic Woman and the other was the Scarlet Witch. I had this Marvel matching card game and she was included in the cards. I had never even read or seen a comic with her in it, by I was in love. So, ever since I
have had a fondness for Wanda. I paused and needed to see what this issue was all about.

            Seems the enigmatic book known as the Darkhold was once again loose in the Marvel Universe. This is a magic book that goes all the way back to the lost City of Atlantis. It is pure EVIL and cannot be destroyed. It can corrupt the soul of any who use it, so good people are in danger when around it. It also can aid Dracula to become the complete ruler of Earth. The cult that follows and worships the Darkhold are aiding the Lord of Vampires and of course Dr. Strange is standing in their way. The Darkhold is soon to be held secure the Avenger's Mansion with Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel helping protect it. Captain Marvel being Monica and not the one who died of Cancer only to be brought back in a horrible attempt to be "cool" and edgy during “Civil War”.

            My decision to buy the book came with the two that followed. The next two issues and the end of the story were in the box. It was like divine destiny that I should buy these books. When being a cheap and avid hunter of back issues at low prices the best thing that can happen is to have the issues that resolve a story. Here I had it and loads of Marvel guest appearances included as well. The following issues contained the Doctor's man servant Wong and he actually does more than answer the door in the tale. Hannibal King is present along with Blade. It is a battle that highlights all characters and shows some magical might as the Doctor battles Dracula on the astral landscape inside the Darkhold. It displays a really awesome conflict and a sacrifice of an infected Vampire.

            Doctor Strange has one last trick up his sleeve and a character sees the sunrise for the first time in years. This is what Marvel used to excel at in storytelling. We had tension and conflict that is made of stern material. Yet, we end on the high and happy note of good squashing evil and all pausing to relish a moment of a big victory in the never ending battle.

            Cool issues if you can find them.  Plus, like I said, the Scarlet Witch is in there.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Batman: Arkham City #1

The Source has released this teaser image for Batman:  Arkham City #1.  I thought this was a great image so I decided to reblog it here and let you link back to the article.  I love how the spotlights make the background POP! on this picture.  This would make a great poster.


DC Universe: The Source

Batman: Arkham City #1 cover by Carlos D'Anda

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Should be Issue #3

Well, it would be but I do not have that issue.  So instead I will talk about our hero Lucasz a bit.  He is a whiner.  It is that simple.  After being this magic warrior over countless centuries he can only whine when he takes over the body of Eden Blake.  Really Lucasz is just a bit of a scuzzy guy I think.  He takes over different bodies when he dies in battle.  Each person is shifted into nothingness I guess and he then destroys that life and hurts the friends and family as the battle takes him onward.  Not a great track record.  In a way becoming a woman is karma.  He deserves the feelings he now experiences. 

I think it is a great concept that is just being scratched at on the surface in Mantra.  I think that somehow this book would be interesting if remade today and written by someone like Gail Simone.  You know, a woman and a great writer.  I know some amateur fanfic writers that could really do some great spins on this book as well. 

Issue #4 will be up next week.  I have it and the next few.  I will be glad when the next break comes.  There are some things I want to say, but really need to get there before discussing.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Feeling Bad Fridays

Been a rough week adjusting to a new diabetes medicine.  I also wanted to do something besides a Marvel comics for Flashback Fridays.  So I give you a one of a kind cover from Heroes Convention last summer.  See it here only until I can get my book about my convention going written.