Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Batwing #1

            I had heard about this Batman Incorporated character.  I was not looking forward to the book because I have a zero track record with reading Judd Winick.  I have nothing against the guy, his writing is good, it just never captures my imagination enough to stay with his stories.  So how did he do on Batwing?  I say he has a strong start here.  The story is different and the setting is out of most readers comfort zone.  This was not an easy task either.  We are asking Winick to create a Batman for Africa.  Use the skeleton of batman and layer the cultural and essence of the African continent.  I think he did OK with this first issue.

            The people are not seen one dimensionally.  The police in the book resembles what an African Nation might have as a security force.  The corruption is true to form as well.  We have super villains that are credible to the real life evil that part of our world deals with daily.  It all works in this first issue.  The trick will be for Winick to continue to build upon this foundation.

            We get another strong last page from Batwing #1.  It really makes you question what can happen in issue #2 after you see it.  Very disturbing in a way that feels real.  Batwing is worth a look.