Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have to say that CHASE lived up to the hype it was using in the previews for NBC's Fall Season.  Kelli Giddish is wonderful as Annie Frost, Texas Ranger.  It is another action packed TV Show by Jerry Bruckheimer.  The opening scene is a great chase and take down of a fugitive on the run.  Annie kicks butt in the take down by the way.

I loved the show.  I just have one problem.  It is on opposite of Castle.  I have a choice to make, but thanks to Hulu.com I can watch both.  This show should be a solid one for NBC.  It is part procedural and a great deal of action.  The cast seems like they will gel as an ensemble to enjoy watching week in and week out.
I could ramble on more, but really one must just watch and see if they like it.  I do suggest you give Annie Frost a chance.  It really is a nice concept and different from some of the other settings of many law enforcement shows.  One thing last night was the way Annie used music to get in the fugitive's head.  Just a nice little element to the process.

CHASE is definitely worth a look this TV Season.