Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Green Arrow #1

            So Justin Hartley got a comicbook based on his role of Oliver Queen on Smallville.  Not really, but I did look to see if Chloe Sullivan was anywhere in the book.  Really, I have heard some talk here and there about the age regression for Green Arrow.  It means no Conner Hawke I guess, well, at least not as any type of grown up.  I mean Conner could be a baby out there somewhere.  Others bemoan the loss of the older and grizzled JLA member.  One thing about this book, the age thing works in this opening story.

            Ollie is a young man that is balancing a corporate legacy while on a quest to put down punks that harm people.  I like the quest aspect for this archer.  He has a decidedly non-Batman feel to him as we see his story unfold.  The fight scene was awesome and had some crazy opponents.  It just really resonated with me on some levels.  Made me think of my Halloween costume from last year and the possibility of working on sharpening it up for HeroesCon.

            This is a different Green Lantern for most people.  I am old, but still not really old enough for all those classic Green arrow stories.  This could be one of the sleeper successes of the DCnU.  I will have to say that it is on my possible pull list with a strong lead on the other possibles.  I want to see where this story is going.