Thursday, September 15, 2011

Retractable Pants: The (DC)New Fashion Rage

From one of those panels at one of those big Conventions I think Jim Lee was credited with a flippant remark about why Wonder Woman had pants and then did not have pants.  He said something about Retractable Pants.  Oh so hilarious Mr. Lee.  You are so funny.  You really told all those female fans.  Ha Ha.  Beside being dismissive of people that pay his salary.  Yes, we fans do pay you creators salaries.  We buy the product and that pays the bills.

I have been joking to myself about these retractable pants.  Now I think that they might just catch on.  Wonder Woman has always been a bit showy when it comes to those long and muscular legs.  She come from an Island of Women.  No shame in the Female body on Paradise Island.  That shame is an invention of Man's World.  Why wouldn't she be comfortable and wear what she wants.  What, you ask what happens when she needs a more formal look, well BAM!  Retractable Pants, for those time you need to be more formal.

Think about it.  The super gal is in a warmer climate and she can work on her tan while also being cooler.  Sexy bare legs would be a tactical advantage as a distraction.  Sometimes though we need to operate in colder climes.  So utilize those Retractable pants.  It is a genius costume design.  Brilliant.  Why, the fellows ought to try this out as well.  Why should the gals get the benefit of Retractable Pants?

I thought when the redesigns came around Supergirl was to have pants this time.  No more of the small skirt showing little panty shots.  She was going to be this tough looking fully covered teen heroine.  But, that had to be before Mr. Jim Lee and the DCnU costumers thought up Retractable Pants.  Now it looks like she has chosen to retract those pants and show some leg, even in snow.

Yes, this is just a snarky post.  I have thought a bunch about the way DC tries to be all about the female while trying to be like their competition and act like frat boys slobbering over a Maxim Magazine.  I look at the pics and stuff coming out and I saw Kara without pants.  So either she needed to be sexier, or it is Retractable Pants.