Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Static Shock #1

            The Milestone section of the DCnU is without the city of Dakota.  I have always been curious about the Milestone comics and may try to gather some back issues one day.  My introduction to the Milestone Universe was through the Static Shock  cartoon.  Guess the title is an attempt to atract that generation of kids that grew up with the WB's version of Virgil.

            I like this book.  I am going to have to think hard about whether to add this book to my pull list.  Scott McDaniel has done a terrific job of writing a compelling start to this New 52 title.  Like many of the DCnU we are given a shocking (tee hee) last page.  It is totally disarming to see how this book ends. 

            I like the new Static.  A character from the same Universe has outfitted him with some new tech.  Hardware is his mentor.  This could have some cool potential.  The two are keeping an eye on S.T.A.R. Labs for some reason.  This will replace the dealing with others that are new with powers like Virgil use to deal with in Dakota.  I expect more technology in the baddies that Static faces.

            The entire book is just sharp and the color pops off the pages.  This is what one wants from their comicbooks.  It is eye catching and has style all its own.  Hopefully this will be a good tribute to the man that created Static and allow for some healing over how DC handled his death.