Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well That is Over......

I give up.  It was a nice idea to attempt to write a stand alone comment on every one of the DCnU 52.  I just couldn't keep up.  Having two weeks worth in one group just was too much when trying to work and do stuff not Blog related.  Now it is just too long from the release to keep pushing.  I do have a busy week this week, but I hope to get some of the regular features back up.  Keep in mind I have sewing to do as well.  My Trunk Or Treat props still need work.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mr. Terrific #1

            Why did they neuter Mister Terrific?  He had really been built up in the DCU, especially in the Checkmate series.  Now he is a characiture of many characters of color.  Angry Black Man meets Black Panther wannabe comes to mind.  He just is not who I thought he would be.  That costume is as bad as Superman's new one.  Just not much good to say.  I was exited about his getting this spotlight.  I guess they should have used a stronger wattage of light bulbs.


Captain Atom #1

            This will not take long.  Zero interest in this title.  I just do not care.  Maybe someone liked this title, but I am not one of them.  It seems bland to me.  Dude with big powers is connected to a group that tells him about powers which also has powers going wonky.  Either seen it before and this never lived up to the level of all the other versions, or it was just a boring bit of comicbook fare.

            I think we have a contender for first cancellation.  I haven't been this rough since the Clone Saga that would never end in the Spider-Man titles.


Supergirl #1

            A new reader might read this and love the simplistic flow.  I have seen many redesigns of Supergirl since I lost Linda Danvers way back when.  I am weary of these constant new Maids of Might I guess.  I wanted to collect this title.  It is a character I love.  At the end of the day I just dropped it from my pull list.  Maybe I will pick a trade up of the title.  For now it is not a book for an old reader.  Plus, I had a strong connection to the character and once again I felt less thrill about her title.


Suicide Squad #1

            Not impressed.  Not a fan of Amanda Waller.  I miss the Secret Six.  This is a poor replacement.  It will appeal to those that like reading violence for violence sake.  I dropped it from the pull list.  I like Harley Quin, Deadshot can be interesting, and King Shark was great in Secret Six.  Here they were not so much and felt like characters I didn't want to read.

            So I will not be following this Villain team.  It will be a title I have passed on easily.  The story was competent, but left me wanting something different.  Just didn't make me care about anything they were offering.  Was that Savant from the Old Birds of Prey?  Made him kind of weak if it was him.  This is a book I am leaving on the shelf.


Red Lanterns #1

            This book is for those that LOVE the current continuity of the Green Lantern Corps.  Plus it has a connection in part to the movie.  I concur with other Bloggers that Atrocious has been sanitized in how he looks.  I guess the thought was if he looked more “human” it would make him easier to care about.

            Which brings up an important issue of the title.  We are being asked to care about some horrific characters.  How can a new reader look at Bleedz and understand her?  They do not know she was once a beautiful princess with gorgeous wings.  They do not know how a member of the Sinestro Corps took her and ripped her feathers off her wings and then took her body for his own perverse pleasure.  That is where her rage comes from.  She became a Red lantern through this path.  Same for Dex-Starr of Earth, they do not understand why a small cat is a powerful red Lantern.

            This is for those in the know and it is very hard to become a book new readers can access.  That will be its weakness.  I read it and saw a powerful story of an alien questioning his place in the Universe now that his original quest fro vengeance had ended.  It is the rebirth of Atrocious and the defining of the Red Lantern Corps.  Plus revenge seem en vogue this year, ABC has a new TV Show all about Revenge.


Legion of Super-Heroes #1

            I almost placed this book on the pull list.  If I have a few extra bucks I might buy it off the shelf.  It is common to revamp and restart the Legion over and over ad naseum.  I liked how they crafted this new look.  I also have this feeling that this title will be crucial to clues that hang around the purple cloaked woman.  Glorith might have a connection to this little “Where's Waldo?” person that has appeared in almost every DCnU comicbook.

            Otherwise this is what one would expect.  It is not something new, but something familiar that is welcome to many in this uncertain DCnU continuity.  The mystery that has been put forward is excellent.  Just what one needs from a Legion book.  I liked it, but the reason it did not make it is simple.  I am not one of the legion of fans of Legion of Super-Heroes.  Simple as that, plus this might be an awesome read as a trade.


Birds of Prey #1

            Well, Black Canary is familiar.  I like the story, but missed Huntress and the old style and group.  Starling seems like a melding of characters to keep elements from the old series.  It seems that the Birds of Prey (BoP) will be more Gotham and Underworld focused.  I feel like I am rambling.

            There is not really much to comment on in many ways.  There was a stale feel to this book.  I have noticed that the books I had more connection to from the Old DCU tend to leave me a bit empty, like I want more.  Maybe I feel that when you ditch the comics that were working for a gimmick to make short term gains, that the story should be AWESOME.  BoP wasn't.

            Black Canary was like herself.  This new Starling is like Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, and every kicck-butt female in the DCU.  We are to accept her without knowing about her.  I am not liking her too much so far.  Her character is OK, but I just have seen this before and those characters were built up before I got this “type” thrown up for my reading.

            Basically, my former loyalty to the old book has this one on the pull list.  I like Black Canary as well.  It is also one that is on the chopping block.  It needs to perform or it will be cut.  I have limited funds to buy comics and that amount is shrinking each week.  I can't just buy for the sake of supporting an all female book.  I can't keep a book because I hope beyond hope it will get better. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ressurection Man #1

            I knew just enough about Mitch Shelley to think this book might be something to watch.  The original creators are behind his return, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  We get the character from the eyes of the people who started his journey.  I knew that his power was to resurrect after death.  Each time he returns he has a new super ability.  These can be awesome like super strength, or less impressive like super smell.  Originally it was like he was wandering and happened upon the places he needed to be, like finding Linda Danvers, Peter David's Supergirl.  Just writing that makes me hope she might show up.

            The why of Linda Danvers appearing comes from the apparent adversaries that Mitch is facing.  Angelic and demonic beings are after him.  The clue we get is that Mitch's soul is so shiny it is blinding to these beings.  What we see of the Angelic forces are not the fluffy angels of popular culture.  These are more a warrior looking angel like the true descriptions from religious texts, with a dose of technological twist.  What I am gathering as the demonic group have yet to transform.  Their monstrous ways are displayed in the torture of people that might have information on Mitch Shelley.

            Resurrection Man was one of the interesting reads from the two week pile I picked up.  It is a comicbook that has a way to stay different as we get a variety of super powers.  This man on the run doing good is a standard of storytelling that when done correctly is very satisfying.  It is one I am going to attempt to follow.  I had it pegged from the start and reading the first issue kept it on the list.