Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday: Creeper #1,000,000 (Hillsville Buy)

Today I give you one of the weirdest of the One Million DC Comics I have collected.  I love these Fifth Week and gimmick comics that DC did during the 1990's.  I have a few of these One Million issues.  This year on the Labor Day Weekend trip to Hillsville, Virgina for the big Flea Market I picked up this comic.  I used to do a post theme called The Comicbook Rescue Project where many of the comics from Hillsville were listed.  I am toying with bringing that Project back someday.  If I were listing those purchases, Creeper #1,000,000 would be on the list.

What a strange story we have here.  My knowledge of The Creeper has always been just so-so.  I know he is a crazy type character that can be good or bad depending on the situation.  He is an unpredictable personality that a newsman called Jack Ryder plays host.  There is also some demonic elements involved as well.  In the future, The Creeper is the combination of all the thoughts every in the universe or something like that I think.  When the order of things are threatened then The Creeper manifests and sets things straight.

In accomplishing this current task The Creeper must time travel.  Sometimes these crossover events intrude on the story that is on going.  I sense that this time the main book used this story to advance the story that had been laid out for the current timeline.  The Current Creeper is separate from his host and seems that copies of The Creeper are roaming Gotham and each is a different type of sinful creature.  The Future Creeper starts hunting them down.  It looks like the job is to kill all Creepers, and Jack Ryder decides he likes the one he is dragging around.

The resolution has a fully powered Creeper once again jumping crazily into the fight against crime.  Future Creeper is holding one of the Creepers he captured.  Seems Future Creeper was both the cause and the solution.  Don't ask, temporal mechanics, just go along.  Thing is now this can't happen, because we all know the Flashpoint event closed off Time Travel.

Not the best I have read of the One Million books, but enjoyable.