Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU or The New 52: The first two weeks

     I have written comments on 15 comicbooks.  Each is in a separate post on the Blog and all are part of DC Comics' New 52.  I got my books Thursday and slowly read them.  I began Friday morning compiling the comments.  Some books have very indepth looks.  Others are short and sweet.  I didn't see a need to try and drone on about books that didn't thrill me.  Others just had too much that needed to stay vague for the book's integrity.  I do not believe I have spoiled anything, but just in case, I apologize.

     Here are the links to the individual posts on the Blog.  Would be really nice if there were some comments on some of the books if others have an opinion as well.  Some of you probably disagree with my likes and dislikes.  I have a different take on a few books compared to others on the Interwebs.