Monday, January 19, 2015

My Posting

Sorry I have been neglecting things.  I know people read because I see the stats and I hope those who are enjoy what I post and also maybe have some reference to the various back issues I write about.  I have just felt drained lately.  Not sure what it is, I will just blame the diabetes since it is a good scapegoat.  When I feel like this I have to prioritize and the Blog suffers.

I have had another encounter online that has upset me.  That is why I posted the picture I did.  I currently have this as my profile pic on Google + and I just like the pic.  The young woman that is Wonder Woman has been a fixture at HeroesCon over the years and I think she is an outstanding cosplayer.  I even wrote about this photo in my convention posts.  I had watched what I thought was a guy way older than me groping her when his buddy was taking a pic.  It made me hyper aware as this pic was taken as to where my hand went.  I was a bit upset at seeing that happen, but just was dumbfounded.

Anyway, what happened to make me sad was a comment I made on G+ to a posted video where a Pastor tells of punching a kid.  I work in the church with children and this was wrong to me.  I said so.  I was not preachy or anything, but thought I was a good balance for a Christian who thought this was as wrong as other commenters.  So dude wrote that my being a minister and having a pic with a busty babe made my comments invalid.  I realize he made no attempt to check my profile and see that I am a comic nerd or even question my opinion further as a Christian.  To me it was a slap a Christian and use judgmental opinions to make myself look big.

The bigger issue to those that scream about dialogue and freedom of expression is why do you not do as you say?  Why can a Christian not think it wrong to punch a kid as a way to convert them?  I watch this all the time.  I am sick of those that do not want to be stereotyped doing that to me.  I am sick of ultra conservative fundamentalists right wing Christians making me look like them.  They preach and judge and get all the attention.  I could spend hours detailing how my faith and beliefs differ from theirs.  Bottom line is that there will never be understanding in this world until trollz become silenced and reasonable people sit down and talk.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Been a rough end to the new year.  I have had a BAD head cold and my Dad has pneumonia.  I have made it to work and been OK watching the Kids, but am dragging today.  I did watch some Netflix while sick.

I finished Season 2 of Arrow.  Wow, what a second season.  It got even better.  I am glad that it and Flash are so strong.  Maybe the CW can become the DC goto station.  I am watching Farscape again and for the first time in its entirety.  I really liked that show.  It was never fully appreciated.

I want to catch up and do more writing this new year.  Here's Hoping!