Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Detective Comics #1

            Tony Daniel has been another writer that has been given a hard time for being named a writer on the New 52.  I have read some of his early stuff and some of his DC stuff and always liked it well enough.  I guess I go in without the preconceived notion that his writing will be bad here.  I thought he did a great job of portraying the Joker.  He laid out the connection with Batman for this story by having Batman describe the Joker in an analytical way.  He also nails Batman as being torn when he has to let the creepy clown prince get away because a little girl needs him.

            This is still like the Justice League in terms of batman and the police.  We have an alliance with Commissioner Gordon, but it feels raw and new.  The comfort that was built up over the years has been stripped away and Daniel did a great job in making this transition.  This is just a great Batman issue.  I think Daniel has a chance to make his mark on the character.

            There is also one of those “last pages” I have been droning on about.  It is befitting of the Joker.  Makes one curious as to just what is really going on.  You get that idea the entire way through the book.  Some clue is still missing.  Batman and the reader are not yet privy to the entire picture.  This is a good read and really starts the Batman family off strong in the DCnU.