Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Can't Believe They Did That!

I went by the Comic Shop today after I made a visit to the hospital.  It helped when I got home to go to the other worlds of my comics and let go of worry for a former youth and his family.  What shocked me was a big spoiler topic in the War of the Green Lanterns.  I am going to try and match up the background of my blog to allow me to comment and those that want to read to highlight it.  Let me just tell you that this thing I am talking about will have long reaching consequences for the Green Lantern Corps for years to come.  Expect a War Report before HeroesCon.  If possible I am going to try and post during the Convention.  So maybe you will get some up to date pics and comments.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Flashback Friday: Rann-Thanagar Holy War, Tradepaperback volumes 1 & 2

I had trouble sleeping last night and grabbed these two books from the shelf.  I had read Mystery in Space about the newly reborn Captain Comet and The Weird.  It was really cool, so when I saw these at the used bookstore I grabbed them.  Many cosmic characters involved in this story.  One of the pluses is that while mired in DCU history, one does not get lost in the story.  What will lose you is the few pages in the first volume that are placed wrong.  Not sure if it is just my issues or if this was a trade collected problem.  I figured it out and many astute readers should as well.

One thing that this story does is draw the Lady Styxx character and the religious group from Mystery in Space into direct conflict.  Both the Rannians and the Thanagrians have adopted the religions.  Thanagarians are being duped by the Eternal Light Corporation Church for nefarious means and the Rannians follow Lady Styxx because of the remnants of her virus that made them follow her.  They have a rose colored glasses view of this monster that kills and eats her followers.

Seeing Bizarro was a neat surprise.  Away from Superman it provided a different perspective on the weird copy of the Man of Steel.  All the various characters are well represented.  The roll call is Starman, Tigor, Tyrone, Comet, The Weird, Starfire, Animal Man, Adam Strange, and Hawkman.  This mixes some interesting personalities to play with as the tale progresses.  Bad things happen.  Worlds are decimated and genocide occurs.  All the while a cosmic entity struggles to see a plan to fruition.

The Nameless or Demiurge is a complicated character filled with pseudo-theology and mythology while wrapped in time paradoxes.  Make your head hurt yet?  Like Miles O'Brien always said, "I hate temporal mechanics."  Just go with the flow in volume two when the time flux stuff kicks in.  The action makes it worth it.  All the battle and sacrifice makes for a new status quo in the end and a place where some future DC writer can play with some characters in new and exciting ways.

A good read all around.


Red Riding Hood

I bought this book on a whim at SAM's Club.  It is a novelization of the Movie that came out some months ago.  I thought it would be a cool read.  Usually these books are better than the movies anyway right?  The book apparently came from a desire to expand what the characters were like and the ability to tell more than the movie could.  That bit at the start was wonderful.

So I begin and realize as well that this is aimed to a younger crowd.  I read it wondering how that might translate.  I think it straddles a line.  There is some suggested sexual bits and a bit of graphic imagery.  Still, Older Teens watch worse on cable and satellite TV.  There is a Blog post one day.  The hypocrisy of parents that spout offense at certain books and movies, yet take their kids and drop them off at the theatre to watch the movie.

It is a very captivating read.  The young woman that wrote the book draws you in and does an excellent job.  I was really loving the story and my mind was working to solve the mysteries of the tale.  I was right on the cusp of being satisfied when disappointment set in.  Apparently this is just a set up for the movie.  I assume I must watch the movie to finish this story.

That stinks.  It is not what I expected.  So I warn you that there is no closure if you get this novel.  If you have seen the movie, then I would say you do not need the book.  It would not be something that I can see adding anything to your knowledge.  Now the ending does not direct you to the movie, but it is implied to those that are smart enough to read between the lines.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Busy days

I am in the midst of so much right now and preparing for vacation weekend at HeroesCon.  That is my excuse.  Really I just have a lack of new stuff and life issues.  Rambling excuse that just hopefully is OK with those that are following my simple little Blog.

Bad news came Monday as well.  A former Youth of mine had a bad fall off a skateboard.  He is in ICU and it is not good.  There is hope, but still, it is a bad situation.  He has two cousins that were also part of that youth group so I have a heavy heart right now.  I hurt for all I could not do as I left them and that ministry.  I hurt because I can't do anything to make it alright now.  i spent about an hour yesterday with the grandmother before going to the hospital yesterday.

He is in the same ICU my mother was in.  I was able to endure the bad memories that will be ten years past a week from Saturday.  It just has been a sad time.  people wonder why I wish there were superheroes in this world, this is the times I would love to have the power to heal.  I have to hope and pray that God has given that power to the doctors and nurses taking care of this young man.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mantra decision

Issue #9 was the last scanned cover I had done and frankly I had reread my issues I have and they are scattered across the house, so I did not get a Mantra Monday post up.  Since then I have thought about the next issues.  I do not have Issue #10, there is a crossover connected to the in-between of Issues # 11 & 12.  HeroesCon is in a few weeks and I might find the missing issues there and be able to better do my Mantra Mondays postings.  So for now I will delay those until after HeroesCon.  

Some of you are probably glad.  I get few comments and I understand that aspect as I seem to do less commenting sometimes.  So I figure no complaints is better than an outcry of WHY?!?  I have always wanted to have a website that gives views and the covers of every comicbook.  I know every comicbook is impossible, but I had to start somewhere.  When reviewing this desire was a reason I thought reviews of books a few weeks old was still OK.  there was a constant struggle over this issue.  Just imagine how awesome it would be for a person to search and find comments about a run of certain books.  It is a missing outlook online.  Everything is spaced and scattered in many ways.  So since I have restarted my Blogging I will continue to do these collections.  I have runs of some Marvel books and will be working through them as well as continuing Mantra.

Babbled enough I guess.  I hope you all are well and having some great reads out there in comicbook world.  War of the Green Lanterns is outstanding.  Batgirl is still one of the best reads in my opinion.  Some of the visitors here have a great interest in Power Girl as it is the all time post view winner right now.  Go figure?  


Friday, May 13, 2011

Flashback Friday: Green Lantern Secret Origin

I have been wanting to write about this storyline for some time now.  Two factors have pushed the write up to a quicker time before the movie.  A friend of mine had purchased the Trade of this seven part story.  It runs through the single issues of GREEN LANTERN #29 - #35.  He mentioned that he had read many comments online that had him worried he would not find the book accessible.  He felt the opposite after reading the trade and is now looking forward to the movie and reading more GL books.  So, I feel I should write a positive aspect of the title since there is much out there negative.

The other factor is that my Pastor's son has been borrowing trades and things from me and I feel this is something he should read in advance to the Movie.  I want to get this written and hand the single issues I have over for him to read about Green Lantern and get to read some Geoff Johns.  Can you believe he thinks Bendis is a good writer?  Go figure.  So , I need to get a great writer in his hands.  He has GL:  REBIRTH right now.

Have you noticed that images of this Trade have changed?  It appears that now this book is adorned with the image of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.  That is great.  This story is a good way for people to get to know the GL Universe before we have the big screen arrival.  I feel that Geoff Johns has written a great look at the Origin and the complex relationship with Sinestro.  The Thor movie reminds us that the hero can only be as good as the villains around them.  This trade has Black Hand and Hector Hammond.  Hammond is the shown villain of the movie.

When it came out as singles we all really just focus on what this book meant for the BLACKEST NIGHT story.  That was what we were building towards.  What we missed is that we had the blueprint for the movie.  Look at the GL trailers, they are filled with themes of this story.  We get to know Carol Ferris and her long association with Hal Jordan.  We see the defining moment of a young Hal Jordan's life.  From his brash attitude to becoming a Lantern, Hal is shown with all his faults and strengths.  We even see a Green Lantern overcome yellow years before we would learn what that weakness meant.

So, if you are looking for a glimpse of Green Lantern history, then this is the Trade Paperback you should read.  Missed some issues of GL, read this story.  This is a great story that introduces many characters that are current in the wonderful Geoff Johns run of this title.


Blogger was down

I was planning on doing a Flashback Friday last night and Blogger was down for maintenance.  I tried this morning and same thing.  So now I hope to get something later today.  Have a funeral to attend right now so I will be delayed.  Hope all are doing well and looking forward to a Summer full of Conventions and hopefully discount long boxes.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

War of the Green Lanterns: Parts 4, 5, & 6


I had wondered if Geoff Johns could sustain another creative story event.  I mean, the guy has just built epic upon epic.  he does it again with War of the Green Lanterns.  This has been a wonderful read.  I figure that my having multiple books before me helps greatly.  If I were to read a title then have to wait it would be so excruciating because this story is just that good.  I mean we have the entire Corps taken over and the Guardians possessed.  It is brilliant.

I must say that Ganthet has been wonderful in this story.  Each time the little guy appears we are reminded just how powerful he is.  I wonder if he has forsaken his Guardian power?  If not it is a great balance to see just how powerful the odds are against the heroes this go around.  The Four Earthmen have been forced to take the rings of the other Corps to just fight against Krona's mind-controlled horde.  Add that one of the coolest things to happen is the arrival of Mogo.  That was so cool.

I can feel the consequences growing for them having made the decision to wear the other colors.  There will be ramifications for Guy as a Red Lantern, John as an Indigo Lantern, Kyle wearing a Blue Ring, and Hal taking up the mantle of Sinestro with a Yellow Ring.  Watching those emotions slowly force there way into each was funny and scary.  You can see the problems they are and will have with accepting these emotions into themselves.

This is a great read and I am just loving every minute of it.  The intrigue and scope of the story just builds each issue.  You want to know how this war will resolves itself.  Will Ganthet survive?  Can they stop Krona?  Will the Green Lantern Corp be trusted after what has occurred? It all is there waiting the be revealed.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THOR the Movie

Art by Phil Noto

I went Monday Night and saw THOR.  Wow.  It was amazing.  I did want to share something from the Blog, Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales.  It is a quote from their THOR Movie review.

"Hmmm, if Iron Man is the best super-hero movie, and The Dark Knight is the best movie period featuring a comic book character, I guess that would make THOR the best comic-book movie (my kind of comics anyway) far. Believe me there are distinctions between the three categories and I'm only talking about movies in the 21st century too, which totally leaves out the original two Superman films, which I will always adore." 

I totally agree with that statement.  This was a comicbook movie.  It was so filled with the world of the comic that Asgard looked real.  The battles and characters just popped off the screen.  It was an ensemble cast that had parts to play in the hero's journey.  Just one awesome story that was filled with cool humor and great action.

A complaint I had read before going in was how the Earth based part of the story seemed lacking.  Well, we really didn't have time to sit through twenty or thirty years of Thor being humbled now did we?  The way that the humility was brought quickly worked for me and was heart breaking to watch.  The villain will go down as one of the best renditions of a Marvel mainstay.  Loki was real.  He was not evil, but not pure either.  Perfect translation of the jealous brother.

Jaime Alexander played Lady Sif.  She rocked!  I fact, Marvel had better have an ironclad contract to keep her from being approached to play Wonder Woman.  She has the acting and athletic chops to pull it off.  The Warriors Three were just great.  I love those guys and they were the balance of comedy and dramatic heroes I expected.

THOR has thrown the Hammer down and it will be a high standard indeed for Green Lantern and Captain America to meet when their turn comes along.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flashback Friday: Thor TPB

I have held writing this until it was time for the movie.  A friend that use to write for the same website as I sent me this a few months ago.  He is an awesome writer and you should really check his site out, Rich's Rotatingly Titled Blog.  So I did not read any of the JMS issues when they came out.  It was post-Civil War and I was dropping Marvel.  Spidey did that stupid deal with the "devil" and I was down to just Nova.  I wanted to read it.  I just was on the outs with Marvel and really wanted to have nothing to do with them while the current Editorial Leadership is there and running things.  Rich helped me see what I missed.

I like the way JMS brought Asgard back and his setting it in the middle of the United States was interesting.  Having Donald Blake as an almost separate personality is right along with what JMS does.  Look at Babylon 5 and Wonder Woman to see the meta-physical concepts he uses.  What is captured perfectly is Thor himself.  He is regal and the powerful warrior of justice that has always been at the core of the character.  Thor has always been a favorite Avenger of mine.  He intrigues me as a character.  This Trade is good and a good representation of Thor.

What I really loved was the issue contained that has Thor take Tony Stark to task.  I loved seeing Iron Man pay for Civil War.  Thor flat out says all I felt while reading that piece of steaming pooh.  I know many of you out there love it, but to me it is not my Marvel Universe.  So to see Thor Disassemble his fellow Avenger and tell him how things will be was awesome.  We forget just how powerful Thor is in the Marvel U.  He is one of the tops in power levels.  The man can kick butt.  He is Superman.  You have to respect that and JMS certainly does here.

The stories of the lives containing the spirits of the Asgardians is what really shines.  I also understand why that lady was a female Loki.  We see the Destroyer in these pages too.  This is a great book.  Watching the townsfolk interact with these beings from beyond provides a great balance of humor for all the action.  You should get it if you like well written Thor tales.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #9

Mantra #9
Hopefully I make this on Monday.  It is quarter past eleven here and I am getting back on track.  I know some might have missed the schedule being held to if not the look at Mantra each Monday.  You get a treat this Monday as we have the best issue written so far in this series.  It really has all that should be in this book within the pages.  Lukasz has to struggle with being a woman while also being Mantra.  For the first time his motivations seem to be for the kids safety throughout the tale even if the reader might think he is wrong in the choices made.  We pick up after the end of last issue with a tired Mantra returning home.

She is attacked by some weird energy that is thought to be Boneyard.  Problem solved and soon a new surprise.  A sexy blonde that Evie calls Auntie Lila.  Seems Eden Lake had a roommate in college that now is getting married and wants her cool girlfriend to be her Maid of Honor.  The Ex-Hubby is the Best Man which will add to the depth of this issue.

Lukasz ends up saying yes and is put through the most girlish of times.  The dress fitting, seeing Lila in the honeymoon lingerie (which for the first time has Lucasz admitting feeling something in Eden's body), shoe shopping, and the trip to the male strip club for some Bachelorette fun.  It is great and what the book needed.  Eden's world crashing in on this thousands of years old warrior.  It adds much needed humor while also providing tension.  See Lukasz has decided to let Gus have the kids, full-time, to keep them safe from Boneyard attacking.  It is a thoughtful and good hearted move, but destined to fail.

The betrayer of Archimage's Army is revealed and he has been body hopping as well.  It is he who attacks and takes over a very close person in Eden's life.  The fight is so cool and soon Mantra has resolved this one in a cool and neat way.  Lukasz also sees that the best place for the kids is with their mom, even it that is him now.

This is the best issue of the series so far in the run.  It adds the elements of the man trapped in female form that is the premise of the book.  Lukasz whines less and actually goes through what life is like as he tries and live as Eden.  That was sorely missing.  A great hook for a title and they seemed to always down play it.  Here it shines through and makes for a great read.  If you are looking at picking up a few issues to see what this title was, then Issue #9 is a must read.