Friday, September 9, 2011

DCnU: Hawk & Dove #1

            Sterling Gates has done a great job.  The rage of Hawk is well done.  He is still a jerk, but we can see it comes from the pain of missing his brother.  Dawn rocks as a Dove with an attitude.  There is a great zombie horde and an unique terrorist threatening Washington D.C.  The action in the opening is funny and tense.  I like the way Hawk and Dove do not work together.

            A hint as to why these two are paired up now is given.  Dawn is still dating Boston Brand.  That is either the creepiest thing imagined or oddly romantic.  I am sure the Internet fanfiction groups are having a good time with this idea.  I think Hawk could be a little jealous of this relationship.

            There is a great deal going on in these 22 pages.  It is a great start with interpersonal relationships between all the characters.  Introduction of  supporting cast was smoothly done and this is just a wonderful story.  What amazed me is that the art didn't bother me.  I am not a Liefeld fan.  It is not that I dislike his art as much as it just doesn't inspire me like others in the profession.  The success here is that the art didn't detract from the story.

            This is a maybe for my pull list.