Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recovering from HeroesCon

Over the next few Days I will be posting pictures and about this year's Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC.  It was the 30th Year for this "little" convention.  I dressed as Green Arrow on Saturday and had a blast.  The thing that they had set up where you could be in a picture that looked like you were an action figure was great.

I picked up a bunch of prints.  The comics pickings were good and the trade boxes provided some books I wanted.  I went with a great friend that put up with my costumed responsibilities.  He really needs to enter the Quick Draw Contest though.  I can tell my health is decreasing.  I had a harder time dealing with my feet and legs while there.  Bouncing back was difficult.  Having a job that allows for my body to crash do work well sometimes.  Diabetes is going to make things so much harder.  It was a good wake up call as Summer Camp approaches.

Be patient with me and keep checking in to see the pics I have to share.  Maybe this year the links will include me for once when the HeroesCon Blog helps people find reports.