Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Suicide Squad #1

            Not impressed.  Not a fan of Amanda Waller.  I miss the Secret Six.  This is a poor replacement.  It will appeal to those that like reading violence for violence sake.  I dropped it from the pull list.  I like Harley Quin, Deadshot can be interesting, and King Shark was great in Secret Six.  Here they were not so much and felt like characters I didn't want to read.

            So I will not be following this Villain team.  It will be a title I have passed on easily.  The story was competent, but left me wanting something different.  Just didn't make me care about anything they were offering.  Was that Savant from the Old Birds of Prey?  Made him kind of weak if it was him.  This is a book I am leaving on the shelf.