Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #54

            The cover says it all, Sinestro Vs. Kyle Rayner.  The main and baddest Weaponeer of Qwad has taken Soranik Natu captive and demanded Sinestro come face him or he will kill her.  Now Kyle and dead girlfriends is something we are use to, but I think he has decided that he is tired of them expiring.  He goes has far last issue as punching Sinestro.

            That is where we get to this issue.  Sinestro decides that they can fight without rings and keep the truce.  So we see Sinestro in a way that we have not seen in many years.  We get a look at why before Hal Jordan, Sinestro was the top Green Lantern.  Kyle holds his on for a bit and delivers a cool line, but really, he is a lover, not a fighter.  Sinestro really shows why he will never win father of the year.

            The current grouping of the Corps that this title has been following takes up the cause as Kyle heads to Qwad.  Meanwhile Natu learns a bit about Qwad and the planet’s history.  She is a great character that gets to shine even as a captive.  I really like the way they have developed her.  I have a feeling the Weaponeer might get his butt handed to him by her before all is said and done.

            Green Lantern Corps brings the greatness every month.  Tony Bedard is an excellent writer for this cosmic tale of the Green Lanterns.  I loved his work on Negation at the now gone CrossGen and he continues to amaze me here.