Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Batman Beyond #1 (New Ongoing Series)

Batman Beyond #1

            I have noticed through the new Blogger stats button and another page tracking site I am signed up for that many people are finding my comments on the Batman Beyond limited series.  I am thinking that this coincides with the release of the new volume of Batman Beyond as an ongoing series.  A friend of mine that I helped review comics for and with for many years would say not to do an older review of a comic, I always disagreed.  I may miss getting the second issue in a timely manner, so I am going to place this post on the first issue of the new series.

            My initial reaction was that it was not a strong start, and then I started thinking on the story a bit more.  What I was doing was confusing a strong start with a good start.  This issue sets a good foundation for the series.  There is a mystery, the current version of the Justice League, and the great supporting cast from the animated series.  That is what I think is really cool.  I liked seeing Terry on a date with Dana.  Having his little brother and mom end up at the place where the bad guy ends up sealing off works well.  All around we get what I see as lacking in comics many times nowadays, long haul writing.

            Adam Beechen did a wonderful job capturing the world of the future Batman.  It is great that he was given this book on a full time basis.  Ryan Benjamin has really made the look of the art match the animated look.  Dana was like seeing the television character on the printed page.  DC would do well to keep this team together on the title.  They have the feel of these characters and this world. 

            It remains to be seen how long we will have the world of Batman Beyond back in printed form.  I suggest we enjoy it while we can and hope for a long run.