Friday, May 13, 2011

Flashback Friday: Green Lantern Secret Origin

I have been wanting to write about this storyline for some time now.  Two factors have pushed the write up to a quicker time before the movie.  A friend of mine had purchased the Trade of this seven part story.  It runs through the single issues of GREEN LANTERN #29 - #35.  He mentioned that he had read many comments online that had him worried he would not find the book accessible.  He felt the opposite after reading the trade and is now looking forward to the movie and reading more GL books.  So, I feel I should write a positive aspect of the title since there is much out there negative.

The other factor is that my Pastor's son has been borrowing trades and things from me and I feel this is something he should read in advance to the Movie.  I want to get this written and hand the single issues I have over for him to read about Green Lantern and get to read some Geoff Johns.  Can you believe he thinks Bendis is a good writer?  Go figure.  So , I need to get a great writer in his hands.  He has GL:  REBIRTH right now.

Have you noticed that images of this Trade have changed?  It appears that now this book is adorned with the image of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern.  That is great.  This story is a good way for people to get to know the GL Universe before we have the big screen arrival.  I feel that Geoff Johns has written a great look at the Origin and the complex relationship with Sinestro.  The Thor movie reminds us that the hero can only be as good as the villains around them.  This trade has Black Hand and Hector Hammond.  Hammond is the shown villain of the movie.

When it came out as singles we all really just focus on what this book meant for the BLACKEST NIGHT story.  That was what we were building towards.  What we missed is that we had the blueprint for the movie.  Look at the GL trailers, they are filled with themes of this story.  We get to know Carol Ferris and her long association with Hal Jordan.  We see the defining moment of a young Hal Jordan's life.  From his brash attitude to becoming a Lantern, Hal is shown with all his faults and strengths.  We even see a Green Lantern overcome yellow years before we would learn what that weakness meant.

So, if you are looking for a glimpse of Green Lantern history, then this is the Trade Paperback you should read.  Missed some issues of GL, read this story.  This is a great story that introduces many characters that are current in the wonderful Geoff Johns run of this title.