Monday, October 4, 2010

Hickory Comic Con 2010

After many years of knowing the Hickory Comic Con existed I finally made it there.  In previous years I have always had a Church Event planned and when the date was found out it always was the same time.  This year I was free to go.  I had sold peppers and pumpkins to get a small base of money ready and the first of Substituting checks arrived in time to be able to enjoy and pay for the trip.  Hickory is a couple of hours away so the travel was OK.  Gas still was higher than I would have liked.

The Metro Center was a very nice Complex.  I actually could see HeroesCon type size work there.  Still this was a nice small one day event.  There was an official Yu-Gi-Oh tournament going on as well as the costume contest and the loads of comics.  Many fifty cent deals at this Convention.  I loaded up on some titles I collect.  Mantra was a big get for me.  That book has been very slight in flea market and events since I decided to collect it.  

There were some artist and various comic and pop culture related booths.
A coin convention and a Toy/Hobby/Ball Card/NASCAR convention was there as well.  It got much needed traffic from the comicbook attendees.  It was funny watching the old men stare at the costumed people as they waddled to the NASCAR part of the event and the coin event.  The Comic Convention by far had a lion's share of the traffic that day.  I didn't dress up.  Haven't been feeling all that well and I am really wanting to do something other than my Green Lantern outfit.  I will try and list some of the books I got.  Flashback Fridays got a huge boost for sure.