Tuesday, May 10, 2011

THOR the Movie

Art by Phil Noto

I went Monday Night and saw THOR.  Wow.  It was amazing.  I did want to share something from the Blog, Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales.  It is a quote from their THOR Movie review.

"Hmmm, if Iron Man is the best super-hero movie, and The Dark Knight is the best movie period featuring a comic book character, I guess that would make THOR the best comic-book movie (my kind of comics anyway)...so far. Believe me there are distinctions between the three categories and I'm only talking about movies in the 21st century too, which totally leaves out the original two Superman films, which I will always adore." 

I totally agree with that statement.  This was a comicbook movie.  It was so filled with the world of the comic that Asgard looked real.  The battles and characters just popped off the screen.  It was an ensemble cast that had parts to play in the hero's journey.  Just one awesome story that was filled with cool humor and great action.

A complaint I had read before going in was how the Earth based part of the story seemed lacking.  Well, we really didn't have time to sit through twenty or thirty years of Thor being humbled now did we?  The way that the humility was brought quickly worked for me and was heart breaking to watch.  The villain will go down as one of the best renditions of a Marvel mainstay.  Loki was real.  He was not evil, but not pure either.  Perfect translation of the jealous brother.

Jaime Alexander played Lady Sif.  She rocked!  I fact, Marvel had better have an ironclad contract to keep her from being approached to play Wonder Woman.  She has the acting and athletic chops to pull it off.  The Warriors Three were just great.  I love those guys and they were the balance of comedy and dramatic heroes I expected.

THOR has thrown the Hammer down and it will be a high standard indeed for Green Lantern and Captain America to meet when their turn comes along.