Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday: Robin + Impulse #1

Yes, I at long last got this one up.  I know it is short, but really didn't want to ruin the story.  After all, these should be just a peek at some great reads that are in back issue and discount boxes, right?  I hope to get some of the stack of books I bought Tuesday reviewed today.  There were some good reads in that pile, Wonder Woman being one of them.

            I enjoy picking up these DC Comics one shot and Fifth week books.  One I found sometime along my journey in the Comicbook Rescue Project (what I call my back issue buying) was the Robin plus Impulse story.  It begins with Robin investigating a theft from the Gotham telephone Company’s storage warehouse.  He gets punked after finding out the stolen tech was way outdated.  We then flash forward to an arranged ski trip that Tim and his classmates are treated to as a cover for Robin to do a bit of recon for Batman.  Bart Allen just happens to be there as well.  As usual Bart is impatient and we find he dislikes snow.  It is a cool bit of lighthearted fare missing in so many books today.

            Mark Waid is good at balancing lightheartedness and serious comicbook action.  Here he kicks it into high gear as Robin gets shot at while snooping.  Impulse shows up and the fun begins.  The two team up to discover a large army of baddies and the babe who punked Robin at the warehouse.  Things are fast paced which fits Impulse.  The humor is never lost as laser fire and explosions happen all around our two young heroes.

            I will say little else because I do not want to spoil the ending.  It has some mystery as well as an awesome Impulse nail biting ending.  These are cool books to seek out and why I chose to use this title as a Flashback Friday offering.