Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Lantern New Guardians #6

Orange Lantern Glomus is the new sensation of the Lantern Corps.  He is the perfect partner for Kyle Rayner as these New Guardians investigate the Solar System Ship.  Everybody but Bleedz is present and soon fighting a being claiming to be a living god called Invictus.  It is notable that once again Kyle was able to use the entire emotional spectrum to initiate contact through the rings.

Fatality has grown a bit in her new role.  I like her so far and hope she can become a better character in this New DC we have going on.  All the Lanterns are likable in various ways.  I do wonder when this is transpiring as each Corps is facing different challenges and also some the loss of power.

This is the book that will make sense and a difference once we know what the Guardians are doing on Oa.  For now it is a book of mystery that seems to have cast Larfleeze as the mastermind behind the current coming together of the different Corps.  I am enjoying this book a bunch.

In parting we will leave you with Glomus and his best statement as he and Kyle joined the battle against that living god; "Eep!"  Yes, he said Eep.