Monday, July 26, 2010

Who is Evelyn Salt?

The female version of James Bond.  I was very upset by my local paper the Winston-Salem Journal.  They have cut so much in attempts to be what they once were, a well read and sought out paper, so they need to get these random reviewers for movies.  That stinks as you now have no consistency of understanding of a regular reviewer.  The pitiful review in the Journal did not do justice to this exciting movie.  Once again a know-it-all got it wrong.

Now parents, it is PG-13, so it has heavy use of bad language in places.  As character and film development it is appropriate usage of such words, but they are there.  There is also some scenes that are graphic when considering young eyes, so don't drag the kiddies along.  Be responsible.  There was a child that I consider too young in the theater I was in.

I love Angelina Jolie.  She is one of my favorite actresses.  She hasn't lost a beat either as she handles some amazing stunts in this movie.  It is on par with Daniel Craig in the current James Bond movies.  I had most things figured out by the end, but that did not damage my enjoyment.  It provides a clear view of who is good and why?  You can see that there are bad people that do bad things and good people that will go to the edge yet not cross it.

Exciting and cool is the movie SALT.  Jolie is awesome as usual.  The supporting cast is awesome.  So I guess this movie is AWESOME.