Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Batman Beyond Unlimited #1

One must first pose the question, is this worth $3.99?  I thought hard about this question.  For me the drawing line was to be $3.  I am slowly asking myself if I have compromised?  The good thing is that the Batman part is solid.  The Justice League Beyond is luke warm.  So, for now I will say this one issue is worth the price.

That is something I think will continue on an issue by issue basis.  I feel like I am being punished because I was a fan and follower of the previous Batman Beyond series.  I am of the opinion that I would rather have the Batman Beyond book at $2.99 than add the JLU and a few more pages for $3.99.  The idea is to build a franchise for the JLU.  Maybe one day spin out a JLU series.  What troubles me is that the opposite could occur and we lose Batman Beyond because the extra cost drags the title down.

A big positive is the fact that the Batman stuff carries over the story plots from the previous series.  The story of Dana and her brother really heats up.  The way that the smaller plot of Max being recruited by this mysterious hacker that she thinks she can catch.  These are strong stories.  The second part involving the JLU is basically an expansion of the plot where Batman decides to be a part of the group.  It could have stayed a part of Batman Beyond and kept the price $2.99.

Learning the origins of the JLU members would be the only good that could come of this move.  I have seen that Warhawk is suppose to have an origin story.  I would love to know about Aquagirl.  Still, $3.99 will make this book have to meet a high standard for me to stay with it.