Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hawk and Dove #7

Most of you realize that I tend to review or comment or whatever you want to call it on books I am buying and generally like.  I have to say that this book has gone down hill fast for me.  It started off OK.  It was not at the top of my reading desires each month, but I liked the story.  Now it is just treading its wheels along a muddy road.  Why am I still reading?  Because it should end next month with issue #8.

That is the reason I kept buying.  I was over halfway in and wanted completion.  No other reason.  I will not blame Rob Liefeld either.  His art has been OK if a little dated.  The fact is that it really seems there was no direction for these characters.  Does this book even tie into the others?

So many of the New 52 have connections that are seen or hinted.  We know Blue Beetle, GreenLantern, and VooDoo have connections.  Stormwatch has connected to Superman's titles and Green Lantern.  Others also have these strings that tie them to a Universe as a whole.  So where does Hawk and Dove fit?  If it is there I missed it.  The book just seemed to want to keep the Deadman and Dove relationship going from Brightest Day and then dropped that plot.  Really not sure about where they were going.

So I will either finish with Issue #8 and have completion or finish with Issue #8 because I do not want to spend more cash if this title continues.