Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Friday: Star Wars #15

It is the year 1978 and Star Wars was the flavor of the time period.  Marvel Comics has the license to this franchise and these are now very cherished and sought after comics.  Before I go on, for the people that pay attention to the creators get this list.  We have Archie Goodwin as the writer with Carmine Infantino and Terry Austin as the artists.  These are giants of the industry now.  Imagine having this book back in the day and experiencing these powerhouses before they were powerhouses.  Let me see, I was six years old when this book came out.

I picked this up in a weird way.  I bought it at a yard sale where it was mixed in with a few Richie Riches and other kids comics.  I bought it and paid I think fifty cents for it.  Upon Reading I found that an interior page had a rip up from the bottom.  Still, I can read it.  Resale value is not there though, so as an investment it is very low.

This is a great action packed story with awesome action scenes.  Han Solo is the main character, but Luke, Leia, Chewie, C3P0 and R2D2 are there as well.  A space pirate is hounded them and in the middle of this is a small story of one of the pirates and why she is so hard.  This small part is the best part of the story.  Her tragic back story and the resulting change of heart is well produced.  The ending is enough to bring tears to a reader.  There is also a Chewie is amazing portion as he steals the navigational charts of the pirates.

These are wonderful stories of the Star Wars franchise.  If you find them, then rescue them.