Friday, August 1, 2014

Flashback Friday: Captain Midnight On The Run Volume 1 (TPB)

One great thing about going to a Convention is that you should be able to get trades for bargain prices.  I love the $5 trades at HeroesCon.  That is what this week's Flashback Friday is and I am so glad.  Captain Midnight is a book I would be reading if I could afford the $3.50 price that Dark Horse has on their books.  They have many titles I would love to read, I just can't afford to do it.  So for me, finding Captain Midnight in a $5 trade book was outstanding.

It has the Free Comic Book Day Captain Midnight #0 and collects #1 - #3 of the ongoing series.  It really is a great introduction for the character and series.  It also plays into the Black Sky mystery that Dark Horse has running through many of their titles.  Here we get a time lost hero returning to find a brave new world, just not the one he envisioned.  He expected flying cars and rocket packs.  

Jim Albright might be from the World War II era, but he has the smarts and moves to outmaneuver the tech of 2013.  He will need it as the daughter of the man he let die is out for revenge.  She was lost in time as well.  She just reappeared in the 1980's.  Fury Shark is her name and she has been a busy little Nazi.  We get action and adventure in an old school feel as Captain Midnight picks up the fight for Justice.

The book is filled with great humor as you read along and see both an old style of story being presented and a modern conspiracy tale.  This would be a great movie franchise.  It reminds me of the Indiana Jones movies or what I wish The Rocketeer had become.  Search out and find the Captain Midnight books.  It is well worth your time.